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Bluetail Celebrates its First Anniversary with the Introduction of its Industry Leading Mach Search Capability

Based on the latest machine learning technology, Bluetail’s enterprise-level MACH Search delivers the easiest and most accurate way to ingest and search the digital records of an aircraft’s entire operational life.

May 25, 2021

Bluetail, Inc., announced that the company is celebrating its first anniversary with the introduction of its newest and most powerful digital records search and automation tool: MACH Search.

“A year ago, we marked the anniversary of Charles Lindbergh’s flight across the Atlantic by launching Bluetail. By making it easy and affordable to digitize aircraft records, we set out to revolutionize the way business and general aviation (B&GA), aircraft owner/operators organized, shared, and protected valuable records,” stated Bluetail Co-Founder Stuart Illian. “Today, I’m very happy to say that in the past 12-months, even with COVID restrictions, and other challenges, we’ve exceeded our original goals.”

“With the introduction of our revolutionary MACH Search capability, we are taking a major leap forward in bringing the most advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) machine-learning capabilities into the world of business and private aviation,” stated Bluetail Co-Founder Roberto Guerrieri. “Building on our cloud-native AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform, MACH Search enables true ‘rocket science’ level business process automation, sorting, storing, and searching. Bluetail’s MACH Search now makes record-keeping the easiest part of your aircraft operations.”

Guerrieri explained that MACH Search is the culmination of input from a long list of the company’s customer base, including Fortune 500 flight departments, Part 135 charter operators, individual owners, aircraft brokers, and flight schools.

“To ensure that MACH Search would be live upon launch for our customers, we ran their records in parallel to the technology’s development,” he added. “To date, we’ve run over 1,000,000 client records through the MACH machine learning code.”

About Bluetail MACH Search:

  • MACH Search combines document workflow with auto-OCR machine learning to streamline the ingestion, organization, and search of detailed aircraft operations and maintenance records.
  • MACH Search recognizes handwriting and lets you search by A&P signature or inspector sign-offs.
  • MACH Search lets you easily upload records from your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • MACH Search lets you search all of the digital records by numbers, text, or form.
  • MACH Search lets you save your search criteria as a new search profile.
  • MACH Search features are based on the most advanced enterprise security protocols.


Bluetail Hires Roy Gioconda as VP of Customer Success
Leader With Over 35 Years in Technology and Aviation Will Help Fuel Customer Growth

April 8, 2021

Bluetail (, a modern business and general aviation SaaS company, has hired a new Vice President of Customer Success to help strategically lead and grow the company. 

Roy Gioconda, who officially joined the company earlier this month, will be responsible for all facets of Bluetail customer success and support. Gioconda joins Bluetail with a robust background of over 35 years experience, which includes leadership roles at CAMP Systems, Traxxall, IBM, American Airlines and Flight Options.

Roy’s deep understanding of maintenance tracking software will serve to strengthen Bluetail’s strong complimentary value proposition, just like one would see in the world of commercial aviation,” said Stuart Illian, Co-Founder of Bluetail. “Roy will be a key asset on our senior management team and, with his robust background, will be paramount in helping Bluetail to continue our trend in upwards growth.”

Specifically, Gioconda will be focusing on seamless customer onboarding, customer support, product training, and managing Bluetail’s record scanning service, as well as the company’s vast network of scanning partners. 

Gioconda is a licensed FAA A&P and has earned his associates degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Asset Insight and Bluetail Enter Agreement to Provide Owners & Operators Preferential Services and Additional Value

February 9, 2021

Asset Insight, LLC ( is pleased to announce a collaborative agreement with Bluetail, Inc. ( Bluetail will be providing Asset Insight clients with paper-to-digital services and their cloud-based aircraft records platform at a special price, while Asset Insight will provide Bluetail’s clients with free access to Asset Insight’s eValuesTM System that includes current and residual value estimates, maintenance expense planning analytics, and aircraft remarketing potential.

“We are excited to announce this relationship with Bluetail as the first of many agreements to ultimately provide Asset Insight clients with a comprehensive offering of useful, quality services, at preferential pricing,” said Tony Kioussis, president of Asset Insight, LLC. “Our goal is to help customers simplify and improve the overall aircraft ownership experience and allow them to manage their asset with useful knowledge and tools.”

“The value Bluetail brings to aircraft owners has been established by the breadth of our customer base,” stated Stuart Illian, Bluetail’s Co-Founder. “Any aircraft owner can see the value of going digital, versus the tedium, inefficiency, and security concerns of maintaining records in cumbersome binders, boxes and in paper form. Bluetail digitizes all types of records via our secure nationwide scanning centers, making all words and forms searchable using a process that is easy, fast and, most importantly, ensures their safety and security.”

The relationship between Bluetail and Asset Insight is a natural fit as both companies seek to help business aircraft owners, and the teams that support them, to improve their processes and quality of timely, actionable information, whether for a single aircraft, or an entire fleet.  Both companies have developed sophisticated tools that utilize Artificial Intelligence and advanced machine learning to cultivate comprehensive data sources, that are simple for users and deliver powerful results.

To utilize the benefits of this arrangement, all a customer needs to do is engage either company for their services and the connection will be made for extension of the other’s services.


Bluetail Launches the First Nationwide Digital Aircraft Records Scanning Network
Over 100+ Locations to Help Aircraft Owners/Operators Create Truly Back-to-Birth Repository

November 11, 2020

Bluetail (, a modern business and general aviation SaaS company, announced the creation of the first US and Canadian aircraft records scanning network with over 120 locations. The digitally-focused industry solution is a first, as it offers a secure path from paper, to digital, to the Bluetail app, all within a few clicks. 

Bluetail’s nationwide aircraft records scanning center network has locations in major cities across the US and Canada that adhere to both Advisory Circular AC 120-78A and Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) 43.12. Centers can be found in both standalone locations and near private jet airports in cities like Teterboro, White Plains, Van Nuys, Las Vegas, West Palm Beach, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Scottsdale, Seattle, San Jose, and many more. Bluetail also has an interactive map of all the centers on their site. 

“After talking to aircraft owners and operators, MROs, maintenance tracking software companies and aircraft brokers, we were convinced that the aircraft record scanning centers needed to be close to the aircraft home bases,” said Stuart Illian, Co-founder of Bluetail.   

All Bluetail centers will follow the same physical security and best practice scanning protocol, and are SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant. Bluetail customers can now choose onboarding packages and additional services that best fit their needs, aircraft type and budget. 

“This upgrade to Bluetail gives jet owners an end-to-end solution and peace of mind knowing all valuable records are digital, as well as backed up to the cloud,” said Roberto Guerrieri, Co-founder of Bluetail. 

The new locations are immediately available for customer use, and services include: 

  • Best practices digital conversion process
  • Secure courier pickup and return
  • Full pre and post records scan verification
  • High resolution paper-to-pdf and OCR conversion
  • Import, mapping and indexing into Bluetail
D. Darwin Stout-VP at Bluetail

Bluetail Announces New Vice President of Sales Amid Rapid Growth

August 17, 2020

Bluetail (, a modern business and general aviation software company, announced the addition of a new VP of Sales today, all as the company experiences unprecedented growth.

The company’s new Vice President of Sales, D. Darwin Stout, brings more than 30 years of aviation industry expertise to Bluetail, including experience with Gulfstream, Embraer Executive Jets and Bombardier Learjet.

“I’m extremely excited to be the newest leader on the Bluetail team,” said Stout. “My goal is to help drive more new opportunities for the company, which is quickly growing and becoming a disruptor in the aircraft digital records space, to stand apart as the go-to for business and general aviation owners and operators.”

Darwin will be based in Seattle, WA and will lead all of Bluetail’s worldwide sales activities.

“We have high expectations of what Bluetail will become with Darwin in this role,” said Stuart Illian Co-founder of Bluetail. “His extensive experience and background in the aviation industry will be paramount to taking Bluetail to the next level, especially during this period of major growth.”

Along with the addition of Darwin to the team, and even among a global pandemic, Bluetail has recently experienced strong growth in clients, partnerships and related opportunities…With a rapidly growing team and new product additions that will make the product even more comprehensive, Bluetail continues to learn, evolve, and expand.


Bluetail Launches New Software to Amplify Aircraft Records

August 5, 2020

Bluetail (, a modern business and general aviation software company, announced its latest software release today, aimed at amplifying aircraft records management. 

“We knew that with this next release, our goal was to connect aircraft records for our users in even more efficient and visual ways,” said Roberto Guerrieri, Co-founder of Bluetail. “The newest version of Bluetail gives our customers the ability to do even more in just a few clicks, find records faster and download entire logbooks in seconds.”

Bluetail’s new software update adds a number of new features, including: 

  • Back-to-birth visual timeline filters that allow you to view aircraft logbook entries, maintenance records, FAA forms/guidance and supporting documents by date.
  • “Relate” functionality that allows users to select records and link them together. For example, an FAA Form 8130-3 could be linked to the related Work Order.
  • The ability to transition all records from the previous aircraft owners to the new owners on-demand via “Activate” and “Deactivate” functionality.
  • Checklist and form creator that can easily generate aircraft logbook entries, lists, and more. Easily add e-signatures or upload a file/record per line item. 
  • Download and print any combination of logbooks or related records, in seconds. Select the order of records by chronological or alphabetical order. 
  • Bluetail’s Customer Success team can now upload your documents to specific aircraft logbooks or categories, utilizing our latest internal upload feature. 

Bluetail’s updates were launched in tandem with constant aircraft owner conversations and research. 

“We continually listen to our customers and hope that, with these latest improvements, we will make keeping track of aircraft records much easier than before,” said Stuart Illian, Bluetail’s other Co-founder.

“We can’t wait to see the saved time and frustrations that some of these new features will alleviate, making the lives of our Bluetail family even easier.” 


Bluetail Debuts its New Business Aircraft Records SaaS Platform

May 21, 2020

Coinciding with the Anniversary of Charles Lindbergh’s Epic Trans-Atlantic Flight

Bluetail, a modern business aviation software company, today announced its official public launch as a new player in the Phoenix tech ecosystem.

Founded by former Apple executives and serial entrepreneurs, Stuart Illian and Roberto Guerrieri, Bluetail’s goal is to help business jet owners and operators maximize the lifetime value of their aircraft through a next generation, back-to-birth, digitized aircraft records management system. 

Bluetail chose today as its launch date for a special reason. Just as Charles Lindbergh changed the face of aviation some 93 years ago by being the first to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, Bluetail has made it its mission to modernize aircraft records management.

“Business aviation is definitely in the next stage of digital transformation,” said Stuart Illian, Co-Founder of Bluetail and 20-year business aviation entrepreneur. “Our customer research is telling us that owners and operators want to now, more than ever, accelerate the move away from paper. They need a digital hub to safely keep, organize and share aircraft logbooks, supporting records, manuals, and much more.”

This fueled Bluetail’s mission to create a different kind of platform that not only helps to keep an aircraft safer and FAA compliant, but also manages records in a way that results in helping maximize the lifetime value of the asset

“We wanted to build a modern platform that could take static aircraft records, digitize them, and turn them into something that was visual, usable and actionable,” said Roberto Guerrieri, Co-Founder of Bluetail.  

And in a new, post-pandemic world, how those aircraft records are being stored, accessed and used, along with the day-to-day of flying, is apt to look significantly different. 

“My CitationJet records are now fully digitized, organized, backed-up and in one place,” said Noel Yantos, CEO of LOFT and Bluetail customer. “As we continue social distancing through the Covid-19 crisis, I can easily and safely grant access to maintenance personnel and pilots with zero contact, while still keeping everything up-to-date.”

Bluetail aims to make the shift to “full digital” as smooth as possible, allowing customers to save time and money on aircraft maintenance while also offering assurance that records will always be protected against loss or damage.