Difference Between Pilot Logbooks-Aircraft Logbooks
Difference Between Pilot Logbooks-Aircraft Logbooks

Pilot Logbooks Versus Aircraft Logbooks

What is the Difference Between Pilot Logbooks, Aircraft Logbooks and Flight Logs? By Bluetail July 1, 2020 History of Logbooks and Flight Logs Aircraft/pilot logbooks and flight logs have been around as long as aviation itself, with the Wright brothers keeping detailed notebooks of their aircraft build, experiments, dates of a flight, airplane used, pilot,…

Understanding An ICA

Understanding An ICA By Bluetail June 25, 2020 Understanding Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) Requirements for an aircraft is important as ICAs provide a standardized approach for aircraft, engine and propeller maintenance data, thus replacing such data from the OEMs and other Type Certificate (TC) holders. Under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations…

Becoming Bluetail: Appreciating the Bold & the Basic

Appreciating the Bold and the Basic By Stuart Illian May 21, 2020 It’s been a huge last couple of months for us here at Bluetail. With every day that passes, we’re inching closer and closer to our official launch date— a milestone that our whole team has been dedicated to achieving since day one. Throughout…