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CAMP is good. CAMP + Bluetail is a lot better

Compliments to CAMP Bluetail and CAMP Together Equals Complete Back to Birth Records You’d be hard-pressed to find a corporate aircraft operator who hasn’t heard of CAMP – Computerized Aircraft Maintenance Program. It’s been around since the Gulfstream I was brand new. And now, with over 18,000 aircraft including 230-plus models of aircraft and helicopters,…
AvBuyer-Digitized Maintenance Records

What is the Value of Digitized Maintenance Records?

What's The Value of Digitized Maintenance Records? - AvBuyer Most operators keep their maintenance logbooks in a secure location, such as a locked firesafe. However, they cannot always be kept there – when the aircraft is getting ready for a major maintenance event, a modification, a repair, or an alteration, the records would typically be…

The Asset Insight Podcast

The Asset Insight Podcast: Aircraft Ownership Life Cycle Tony Kioussis (00:33): Welcome to another Asset Insight podcast covering the aircraft ownership life cycle. I am Tony Kioussis, president of Asset Insight, and your host. Bluetail Inc. provides an aircraft record management system built for business aviation that allows aircraft owners and operators, the ability to…