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Crush conformity process time & costs

Utilize advanced organization for quick historical views and searches on all FAA forms, major mods/inspections, parts status and much more.

Single source of truth


No more “box diving” with paper records to find something. Your Bluetail registry is a single source of truth for one aircraft or a fleet that includes FAA form auto-tagging. With a unified, organized registry (logbooks and folders), everyone always knows where to find the information they need, when they need it.

Manage access control

Fleet Segmentation

Effectively arrange and oversee all aircraft within your fleet while granting individual access control and permissions to team members based on specific aircraft types.


MACH Conformity module

Easily share records or logbooks to pilots, MROs, owners and collaborators with secure sharing links. You retain control and oversight, while ensuring everyone has on-demand access to the information they need.

Beware of Consumer Storage Apps:
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A.I. driven tagging

MACH 2 search

MACH 2 Search helps you save hours and days from the old way of sifting through paper. Get the right answers to stakeholders, shorten records research time before starting work and crush aircraft conformity process time.

mach2 search screen bluetail

Small Fleet Pricing

Pricing made to match your needs.


Paper records scanning

Bluetail’s onsite or local scanning services allow our customers to get all of their aircraft records digitized, organized and secured in a manner that is safe, timely and efficient.

Built on a foundation of trust

Security & Compliance

Trust Bluetail to safeguard aircraft records data and meet your compliance requirements……


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