Organize and collaborate the important maintenance, flights, and logbooks with your aircraft stakeholders


Never lose or damage important documents (i.e logbooks) that can devalue your aircraft by up to 25%. Build your Hangar from 1 to 100 aircraft and manage all of your logbooks, supplemental manuals, FAA forms, photos, ownership documents, etc. Bluetail is a single, central hub that automatically sorts by file type, keywords, date and tags for fast and easy recall. FAA-required logbooks can be printed with one click in the order you require.


With smart tagging and advanced search system, you’ll be able to find all of your aircraft documents in a single hub for easy recall, on-demand. Your search results can be filtered by keyword, ATA code, Logbook, author, dates, types and much more.


Safely and securely share notes and aircraft documents with team members, future buyers, and other key stakeholders. Documents can be shared directly from Bluetail, either by email, private expiring links, or to file storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

User roles

Utilize three advanced roles and permissions for your entire team: Administrators (owners/managers), Contributors (maintenance/pilots) and Guests (partners). Each assigned role comes with its own unique set of capabilities for you to assign to your respective stakeholders. 


Whether you’re working with multiple pilots or various maintenance organizations (e.g. MROs), allow team members to directly input notes, changes status, flag issues or record important milestones directly into a document. Documents can also be e-signed or include watermarks for secure printing.


Improve efficiency, compliance monitoring and aircraft safety, all with on-demand reports on maintenance, flight logs, and more. See user activity, file storage, top search terms, and what and who downloaded documents from your team and partners.