The all-in-one, "contactless" aircraft records hub

Quickly and easily categorize and search logbooks (airframe, engines, APU, props, etc.), supplementary manuals, maintenance records, FAA forms (337, 8130-3, etc.), ADs, MMEL and various legal and finance documents with Bluetail’s digital aircraft records management platform. 

Before Bluetail

Aircraft owners have come to us saying it tedious and inefficient to maintain paper records in cumbersome binders, boxes and yes, even bushel baskets. Owners are frustrated with trying to search for details within logbooks, work orders, and 8130s. And if you are trying to sell your aircraft, forget-about-it. In this new remote and contact-less world, flying in to review records is a thing of the past.

After Bluetail

Soon you’ll have peace of mind and be more self-sufficient. All aircraft records will be in one place, digitalized, backed up, organized, searchable and sharable. Your owners, pilots, and maintenance team (even prospective buyers) will be working together, even though they’re remote. Never worry again about losing paper records that will lower the value of your aircraft.


Bluetail gives you everything you need to digitally store, search and share aircraft records.

With Bluetail, you’ll be able to quickly and easily upload, organize, search, share, and print all of the most important information for your aircraft or fleet— from anywhere, from any device, on-demand.

  • Paper-to-digital. White glove service via the only nationwide SOC2 compliant scanning network.
  • Get organized.  Bluetail organizes your records by logbook, date, regulatory, form or categories.
  • Find things fast. Powerful keyword and tag search, relate records to one another, visual timelines.
  • Start to share. Add comments, share logbooks, 8130s, work orders,  documents with private links. 
  • Secure and safe.  Hosted and backed up at Amazon, 99.9% uptime commitment, and strict privacy policy.

Why use Bluetail? Bluetail gives you an end-to-end service to protect one of your largest investments, so you can gain peace of mind.

Our aircraft records management features were built for owners, flight departments, maintenance, MROs, pilots and flight schools.

Digital Logbooks

Let us create a digital replica of the history of your aircraft.


Airworthiness Compliance

Owners and maintenance achieve more visibility into airworthiness compliance.


Buying or Selling Aircraft

Brokers deliver more buyers with remote and private sharing of logbooks.


Why aircraft owners have become Bluetail raving fans.

You deserve a better way to manage your aircraft records. As the FAA (and society) move towards a paperless and contact-less world, choosing a modern and mobile-ready records solution is a must.
  • Modern. Designed by former product experts from Apple with simple to use interfaces and the latest software technologies.
  • Best value. More features, unlimited users and storage, simple pricing.
  • More control.  Built for your aircraft team with roles and permissions , add watermarks, print entire logbooks in order.
  • Compliant. Adheres to both AC120-78A and FAR 43.12, secure e-signatures, built-in file versioning, no delete options.
If you need an affordable,  feature-rich and user friendly records management platform, Bluetail will be a better fit for you and your aircraft team.

Starting at $3/day


We make it easy and secure to get started.

Getting started with Bluetail is, by design, fast and easy.  All our clients are afforded the “white glove” on-boarding treatment every step of the way.

  • Nationwide SOC2 scanning centers
  • We’ll upload, organize and add smart tags for easy searching
  • Nightly backups are automatic
  • Free lifetime customer support
  • 24/7 access to how-to videos

And, should you have a question regarding a logbook entry, maintenance records, an FAA/OEM directive – anything! – we have an experienced A&P on staff who is available to ensure you get the support you need.

“My CitationJet records are now fully digitized, organized, backed-up and in one place. I can easily and safely grant access to maintenance personnel and pilots."
Noel Yantos
CitationJet Owner

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