The leading FAA compliant, back-to-birth secure aircraft records management solution for business and general aviation.

   Cloud-based app serves as "insurance" for irreplaceable records

   Seamless onboarding, organization and local scanning network

   Save time & money – MACH Search finds anything, anywhere

Learn how MACH Search saves you time The leading aircraft records platform for private aviation

Bluetail is where the future of aircraft records live

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Bluetail is where the future
of aircraft records live
Request a Free Demo The leading cloud-based platform that private aviation
uses to protect, share and search aircraft records

Bluetail is where the future
of aircraft records live
Request a Free Demo The leading cloud-based platform that private aviation
uses to protect, share and search aircraft records

Trusted by all OEMs, small/large flight departments, owners and operators.

Some of our customers...

The Aircraft Records Platform Your Whole Maintenance Team Will Love

Built to empower...


Insure, backup and protect your aircraft logbooks.

Let us professionally scan, organize and protect all your aircraft paper records with an FAA-compliant, modern SaaS platform.

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Crush aircraft conformity process time and costs.

Utilize advanced organization for quick historical views and searches on all FAA forms, major mods/inspections, parts status and much more.

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Flight Depts.

Gain 360-degree visibility with ALL aircraft records.

Upload records via mobile device and search for work orders, squawks, AD/SB applicability across one aircraft or the entire fleet.

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Shorten records research time before starting work.

Reduce prep time on major repairs, mods and inspections by proactively searching large volumes of client records.

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Attract more qualified buyers thru transparency.

Faster closes and the best price with secure sharing and powerful history search from the comfort of a buyer’s home or business.

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The back-to-birth aircraft records solution for business and general aviation.

The missing half of MX tracking software. Bluetail is your aircraft’s long-term memory.

Before Bluetail

Paper aircraft records (binders, boxes, etc.) are often stored in a fireproof safe (or worse) while related digital records may be located on various computers, storage apps and MX-tracking systems. Besides the risk of damage or loss (and disorganization), searching for specific logbook and maintenance records can be an arduous task, particularly during a maintenance event or aircraft sale.

After Bluetail

Soon you’ll have peace of mind that all your aircraft records are now fully protected against risk of loss or damage. All aircraft records will be in one place, digitalized, backed up, organized, searchable and shareable. Owners, operators, pilots, maintenance teams, prospective buyers and aviation lenders will be working together in support of maintaining and protecting your valuable asset.


Bluetail gives you everything you need to digitally store, search and share aircraft records.

With Bluetail, you’ll be able to quickly and easily upload, organize, search, share, and print all of the most important information for your aircraft or fleet— from anywhere, from any device, on-demand.

  • Paper-to-digital. White glove service via the only nationwide SOC 2 compliant scanning network.
  • Get organized.  Bluetail organizes your records in your preferred schema by logbook, ATA codes or tags.
  • Find things fast. Advanced keyword and filtered search, relate records to one another, and discover the power of visual timelines.
  • Start to share. Add comments, share records via private links and cloud storage integrations. 
  • Secure and safe.  Hosted and backed up at Amazon Web Services, 99.9% uptime, and strict privacy policy.

Why use Bluetail? We give you an end-to-end service to protect one of your largest investments, so you can gain peace of mind.

Track for Life™ – Starting at $3/day

Why aircraft owners & operators have become raving Bluetail fans.

You deserve a better way to manage your aircraft records. As the FAA (and society) moves to a paperless and contact-less world, choosing a modern and mobile-ready records solution is a must.

  • Modern. Designed by former product experts from Apple with simple to use (and customizable) interfaces and the latest software technologies.
  • Best value. More features, unlimited users and storage, simple and transparent pricing.
  • More control.  Built for your aircraft team with roles and permissions , advanced sharing options, and the ability to print/download logbooks in any order.
  • Compliant. Adheres to both AC120-78A and FAR 43.12, secure e-signatures, built-in file versioning, no delete options.

If you need an affordable, feature-rich and user friendly aircraft records management platform, Bluetail is the obvious choice for you and your flight department.

“My CitationJet records are now fully digitized, organized, backed-up and in one place. I can easily and safely grant access to maintenance personnel and pilots."
N. Yantos
Aircraft Manager
“Knowing I have ICA’s, AD’s, FAA Registration and other reference material at my fingertips from my iPad without having to go to my office and look through a binder is invaluable and amazing. Great job Bluetail team!"
A. Bernaola
Mx Supervisor
“You guys have truly built a great piece of software for corporate flight departments and individual operators, you even incorporated some of my ideas into the program which was great. Uploading and sharing of the aircraft records is very simple and easy!"
S. McDuffy
DOM, Corporate Flight Dept.

We make it easy and secure to get started.

Getting started with Bluetail is, by design, fast and easy.  All our clients are afforded the “white glove” on-boarding treatment every step of the way.

  • Nationwide SOC 2 compliant scanning centers
  • We’ll configure, upload, organize and add smart tags for easy searching
  • Nightly backups are automatic
  • Free lifetime customer support
  • 24/7 access to how-to videos

And, should you have a question regarding a logbook entry, maintenance records, an FAA/OEM directive – anything! – we have experienced A&Ps/IAs on staff who are available to ensure you get the support you need.

It’s already easy to use. But we still have your back.​


24/7 customer support

Receive fast assistance by submitting a support ticket, searching our help center, or viewing our frequently asked questions.


"Get started" services

Get up and running quickly with a personalized onboarding & digitizing records plan. Then maximize your results with premium records organization, and ongoing records updating.


From blog articles to in-app tutorials, Bluetail offers no shortage of free educational content to help your aircraft stakeholders stay ahead of the curve.

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