2023 Platform


The modern SaaS Platform built for aircraft records

Bluetail’s Platform turns aircraft records management into an efficiency and major competitive advantage for your company. Bluetail delivers all the digital asset management capabilities your team needs, while keeping the experience simple and intuitive.

Single source of truth


No more “box diving” with paper records to find something. Your Bluetail registry is a single source of truth for one aircraft or a fleet that includes FAA form auto-tagging. With a unified, organized registry (logbooks and folders), everyone always knows where to find the information they need, when they need it.

mach2 search screen bluetail
A.I. driven tagging

MACH 2 search

MACH 2 Search helps you save hours and days from the old way of sifting through paper. Get the right answers to stakeholders, shorten records research time before starting work and crush aircraft conformity process time.

securely share and retain control

Collaborate and share

Easily share records or logbooks to pilots, MROs, owners and collaborators with secure sharing links. You retain control and oversight, while ensuring everyone has on-demand access to the information they need.

Learn the true cost of paper-based aircraft records

Special features for fleets who demand maximum efficiences

up to 50% in time savings

MACH Conformity module

Part 135 MACH Conformity is the industry’s first workflow app to manage your conformities and cut inspection time by 50% leading to more revenue, decreased costs and less headaches.

Bluetail-MACH Conformity Screens
Home for all non-aircraft records

Office/Assets module

Customers have asked for a place to securely store, share and search records for their operations that are not aircraft records like training and office manuals, tooling certificates and vendor records.

Derive more from your aircraft data

Reporting and analytics

Bluetail’s activity reporting shows you which records and keywords people search for, share and download most frequently.

Built on a foundation of trust

Security & Compliance

Trust Bluetail to safeguard aircraft records data and meet your compliance requirements.

Aviation-based roles

Admin management

Easily manage users from your team, MROs, owners, buyers and even your FSDO. Ensure your team and collaborators can access everything they need – and nothing they shouldn’t.

Integrate bluetail and boost effciency


Streamline your workflows with out-of-box integrations that snap Bluetail into your existing maintenance ecosystem – exciting new integrations are coming soon.


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