Maximize the Lifetime Value of Your Aircraft

Bluetail Digitizes and Organizes Aircraft Paper Records while Empowering You to Aggregate and Collaborate in One Secure Cloud Platform.


Quickly and easily build and categorize logbooks, aircraft timelines, manuals, legal documents and photos with Bluetail’s digital aircraft records management platform. Add multiple aircraft to your digital hangar, e-sign documents, privately share records, and more.
Our aircraft records management solution features were built to be powerful alone, but even stronger together.

Buying or Selling Aircraft

Brokers deliver more buyers and successful transactions.


Airworthiness Compliance

Owners achieve more visibility into airworthiness compliance.


Digital Logbooks

Create a digital replica of the history of your aircraft.



Paper records clutter?
It's time to let us scan, organize and visualize the history of your aircraft.

Any aircraft owner can see the value of going digital and the tedium and inefficiency of maintaining records in cumbersome binders, boxes and paper forms. That’s why we will digitize, make all words and forms searchable and organize all of your paper aircraft records – for FREE, with a one-year commitment – using a process that is easy, fast and, most importantly, safe and secure.

Aircraft records out of order? Turn history into a visual timeline.

Trying to organize your aircraft back-to-birth history is near impossible with paper records. That is why Bluetail’s digital aircraft records management platform lets you easily create a visual timeline of events that you and others involved with your aircraft can easily see and track. A visual aircraft history will also be very helpful to prospectives buyers in the event of an aircraft sale.


FAA compliant and ready

Our app is fully compliant with FAA Advisory Circular AC 120-78A covering electronic record keeping, manuals and signatures. Aircraft owners and operators will now be better prepared for an FAA (or third party) audit, conformity inspection, ramp check or, in the unlikely event, an incident investigation; as all of your records are now digitized and accessible through our aircraft records management platform.

Stakeholders out of the loop? Collaborate and share your records.

Privately share one document or an entire logbook. Or if you have a team managing your aircraft or fleet, maintain a bird’s eye view by easily recording notes, e-signatures, comments, alerts from brokers, pilots, maintenance, and more.


Why Bluetail is aircraft digital content curation.

We frequently get the question, “How are you different than maintenance tracking systems?” Bluetail is modernizing aircraft records management by becoming the leader in content curation. We use machine learning and automation to gather information relevant to a specific aircraft and model, by adding value, organizing, and looking after the documents as a collection. We don’t create the content, we take care of it and make it more valuable. 

“My CitationJet records are now fully digitized, organized, backed-up and in one place. I can easily and safely grant access to maintenance personnel and pilots."
Noel Yantos
CitationJet Owner