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  • Digitize maintenance records

  • Protect aircraft value

  • Optimize maintenance research time

  • Collaborate records with remote technicians

  • Recapture AOG charter revenue

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    “My CitationJet records are now fully digitized, organized, backed-up and in one place."
    N. Yantos
    Aircraft Manager
    “My C-check use to take 1 week, now it takes me 1 day.”
    D. Edwards
    DOM, Corporate Flight Dept.

    We help the best flight departments, operators and aircraft owners protect their aircraft value while making all records searchable and sharable.


    Before Bluetail

    • Paper aircraft records (binders, boxes, etc.) are often stored in file cabinets and storage closets.
    • Searching for specific logbook and maintenance records can be an arduous task.
    • Collaborating with external stakeholders is near impossible with your book of truth being in paper form.

    After Bluetail

    • Peace of mind that your aircraft records are fully protected against loss or damage.
    • All aircraft records will be in one place,  organized, searchable and shareable.
    • Owners, operators, pilots, maintenance teams, prospective buyers & aviation lenders collaborating together.

    Centralize your records in Bluetail.


    Insure, backup and protect your aircraft logbooks.

    Let us professionally scan, organize and protect all your aircraft paper records with an FAA-compliant, modern SaaS platform.

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    Crush aircraft conformity process time and costs.

    Utilize advanced organization for quick historical views and searches on all FAA forms, major mods/inspections, parts status and much more.

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    Flight Depts.

    Gain 360-degree visibility with ALL aircraft records.

    Upload records via mobile device and search for work orders, squawks, AD/SB applicability across one aircraft or the entire fleet.

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    Shorten records research time before starting work.

    Reduce prep time on major repairs, mods and inspections by proactively searching large volumes of client records.

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    Attract more qualified buyers thru transparency.

    Faster closes and the best price with secure sharing and powerful history search from the comfort of a buyer’s home or business.

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