The Office

The Office module -
a home for non-aircraft records

An all-in-one place to store, share and search any non-aircraft document or records.

Bluetail The Office

Store and segment vital records

Create additional categories and subfolders to quickly and easily manage your records such as:

  • Training records and certificates for pilots and technicians
  • Manuals for the hangar and office equipment
  • Calibrated tooling certificates
  • Vendor records including Air Agency Certificates, Ops Specs, program certificates and audit forms 
Never miss a deadline

Create custom reminders

Create automatic notifications for due dates to ensure awareness of items and events such as:

  • Calibrated tools
  • Recurrent training
  • Vendor audits 
  • Equipment maintenance on hangar equipment 
  • Much more 
Bluetail Reminders
Bluetail Adding and uploading
stay up to date

Easy upload office records

Instantly upload documents directly from a laptop, tablet or mobile device for real-time updates and efficient organization of all non-aircraft records. 

A.I. driven tagging

MACH 2 search

MACH 2 Search helps you save hours and days from the old way of sifting through paper. Get the right answers to stakeholders, shorten records research time before starting work and crush aircraft conformity process time.

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