How does Bluetail benefit your role in aviation?

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Bluetail gives you protected, 100% back-to-birth aircraft records that go along onsite/local scanning service, cloud-based records platform, and MACH Search capabilities. Benefits for anyone involved with maintaining, operating, owning, flying, buying, or selling a private or business aircraft.


Roles supported by Bluetail


Owner operators trust Bluetail to digitize and secure your paper aircraft records while lowering maintenance research costs.

Executive/Director of Aviation

Get visibility to your entire fleets aircraft records and bring team collaboration to higher levels.

Director of Maintenance

Reduce maintenance costs by cutting paper research time by 80% and give 360 degree visibility to your entire team.

Owner/Under Management

Protect your aircraft value, give remote access to all stakeholders and find maintenance things fast.

Chief Pilot

Stay up to date with latest maintenance events, remote access to records and collaboration with all stakeholders.

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