About Us

Bluetail was built by flight enthusiasts specifically for aircraft owners like you.

Why did we create Bluetail?

It’s 2020, and it’s still a pain for private jet owners and operators to manage their important aircraft records for things like aircraft sales, maintenance events, compliance monitoring, audits and pre-flight reviews.  We wanted to create something to make all of this easier, and more, to change the game when it comes to owning a private jet.

Bluetail was built specifically to help aircraft owners, and the teams that support them, to easily manage and store all of their aircraft documents, records and data— whether it’s for a single aircraft or an entire fleet. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take Bluetail for a test flight today!

Our Story...begins at Apple

Our story begins at Apple in 1989, when Roberto, who helped interview Stuart for a finance position, famously asked him one final question: ”Name five other things you can do with a pencil besides writing.” 
Suffice it to say, Stuart got the job, and he and Roberto have been great friends ever since!
Besides (obviously) knowing a lot about pencils, Stuart has always had a passion for aviation, learning how to fly at the University of North Dakota, purchasing and building a business aviation training company in 2003, which is now known as LOFT. He also has an extensive background in tech software and startups. 
Roberto has a long and rich history of starting/growing businesses and solving complex problems, something he shares with Stuart. Both have also spent their careers building SaaS platforms for many startups and driving demand generation in a number of different industries.
With backgrounds that complemented each other perfectly, Roberto and Stuart recognized that the current solutions in aviation were lacking in technology, including aircraft records management. 
Thus, Stuart and Roberto joined forces and Bluetail was born— and business aviation will never be the same!