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Sale of an Aircraft

In conjunction with their due diligence, an aircraft buyer can travel great distances to review paper logbooks and related records. This process is terribly inefficient as it inherently constrains the pool of buyers. Also, because records can be disparate and unorganized, often times the buyer can miss key bits of information only to have it revealed in conjunction with the aircraft pre-buy. Besides limiting the buyer pool, the current process can lead to the aircraft taking longer to sell (and for less money) and lead to major issues between the seller and buyer, both pre and post-sale.

How Bluetail improves the aircraft sales process.

With Bluetail, multiple buyers, to include their supporting staff such as maintenance personnel, will now have simultaneous and efficient access to digital aircraft records thus ensuring a larger pool of aircraft buyers who can make a much more informed and purchase decision – one that will lead to less friction before and after the transaction. This will help ensure a quicker aircraft sale, at a higher price with less chance for issues and “buyer’s remorse” once the deal has been completed. How? Bluetail can be used to demonstrate that the aircraft has been properly maintained, that the aircraft is in compliance with all FAA/OEM directives and much more!

Aircraft Funding

It’s typically a time consuming process for aircraft owners to provide lenders with all of the documentation they need to get the best possible loan terms. This is because records are disparate, in different locations, and can often include multiple stakeholders. This can be further complicated because buyers often look into multiple aircraft before making a purchasing decision. Post-purchase, lending institutions often want proof that the aircraft is being properly maintained and used according to the loan or lease agreement. 

How Bluetail empowers owners to share aircraft records privately.

All related maintenance and operational information can be quickly and easily shared on-demand, creating a smoother, quicker funding process. By providing better visibility into how the aircraft is being maintained once the lease is in place, lenders can avoid surprises down the road and stay up-to-date on utilization. 


Maintenance Compliance and Communication

Maintenance personnel can often spend hours reviewing analog (paper) aircraft records prior to performing work in an effort to better understand the full history of the plane. This can be made even more complicated if the aircraft is away from its domicile airport, and can substantially limit access to records, adding delays, additional expense, and the risk of being non-compliant with Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins. 

How Bluetail helps with compliance:

With the app’s instant and direct access to relevant aircraft data, maintenance crews can easily research key records on-demand. These include Air Worthiness Directives, Service Bulletins, history of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, and more. This can lead to lower maintenance bills and unobstructed access to key records from anywhere in the world. 

Misplaced or Damaged Aircraft Records

The loss of FAA-mandated aircraft logbooks can reduce the value of an aircraft by up to 25% or greater. This leads many aircraft owners and operators to store their logbooks and other important records in a fireproof safe, only accessing them as needed. This process can be inefficient, time consuming, and can leave owners vulnerable simply due to potential document damage. 

How Bluetail becomes your one place to store all records

Digital versions of all logbooks and records ensure that aircraft data is never lost or damaged. Secure data backup and cloud storage ensure that aircraft documents are safely stored and easily accessible on-demand. 

Own a jet? Manage a fleet? We have the solution for you.

Whether you own a single-engine turboprop for private use or manage large jets as part of your corporate flight department’s fleet, Bluetail is the perfect way to safely and securely store, share and record all of your aircraft data— anytime, anywhere. 

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NBAA New Guidelines on Electronic Recordkeeping