Save Money, Sleep Better – Verify Airworthiness and Deliver Compliance

Digital compliance without sifting through all that paper.

Maintenance personnel will be much more efficient and effective by smart searching aircraft documents like MTRs, Form 337s, Form 8130-3’s, supplementary maintenance manuals and OEM/FAA directives prior to performing maintenance and repairs on your aircraft.


Searching MX records is tedious.

Maintenance personnel can often spend countless hours searching MX records, which means reviewing analog (paper) aircraft records prior to performing work in an effort to better understand the full history of the plane. This can be made even more complicated if the aircraft is away from its domicile airport, and can substantially limit access to records, adding delays, additional expense, and the risk of being non-compliant with regulatory, OEM and company-mandated directives.

Digital compliance made easy.

With the Bluetail application, digital compliance has never been easier. Maintenance personnel get instant and direct access to relevant aircraft data and now have the ability to easily research key records on-demand from anywhere. This includes the complete set of all aircraft logbooks, any detailed supporting documentation of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and much more. This can lead to lower maintenance bills and unobstructed access to key records from anywhere in the world.


Find what you need across all documents in record time.

Never lose or damage important documents (i.e logbooks) that can devalue your aircraft by up to 25%. Bluetail is your fast search central hub for all of your logbooks, supplemental manuals, FAA forms, photos, ownership documents, etc.  FAA-required logbooks can be printed with one click in the order you require.

Add comments, e-signatures and notes to documents to keep stakeholders up to speed.

Whether you’re working with multiple pilots or various maintenance organizations (e.g. MROs), allow team members to directly input notes, changes status, flag issues or record important milestones directly into a document. Documents can also be e-signed or include watermarks for secure printing.


Set up private access to documents for different groups of users.

Utilize four advanced roles and permissions for your entire team: Administrators (owners/managers), Buyers (only view Logbooks), Contributors (maintenance/pilots) and Guests (partners). Each assigned role comes with its own unique set of capabilities for you to assign to your respective stakeholders.

Learn how to have greater confidence that you are airworthy and compliant.

JSSI Traxxall now integrates with Bluetail