MACH Conformity

Bluetail® MACH Conformity

Welcome to the future of PART 135 aircraft conformity

Powerful NEW MACH conformity workflow module and “binder builder” that cuts conformity inspection time by 50% leading to more revenue and decreased costs.

Bluetail-MACH Conformity Screens


Reduction in compliance tracking time



Elimination in data entry for search



Decrease in conformity research time


Built By experts

Built in partnership

The development would not have been possible without the cooperation of our development design partners. These leading operators were able to confirm projected time savings and revenue gains.

Easily manage all conformities

All-in-one platform

MACH Conformity is the first web-based conformity workflow software that keeps track of all conformities and the related tasks and documents. Review past FAA binder submissions, use previous chapter templates to make set-up easy and create task lists for your team members.



Paper records scanning

Bluetail’s onsite or local scanning services allow our customers to get all of their aircraft records digitized, organized and secured in a manner that is safe, timely and efficient.

Discover how to reduce Part 135 conformity time by up to 50%

Verify AD and SB accomplishment

Conformity Smart Lists

MACH Search will display accurate results so that you can easily verify the status of the ADs and SBs you deemed applicable. No more time spent searching through volumes of folders, binders and boxes.


Confirm compliance with Chapters 4 & 5

Inspection Checklist

MACH Conformity will search, find and display all related documents making it simple for you to view and determine those needed for the conformity. No more guessing if these tasks were properly tracked.


Say goodbye to paper-filled binders

Easy-to-use digital conformity binder builder

Digitally build your conformity binder and customize the output to match your FSDOs’ requirements. Digitally save the final conformity binder for future use and export the documents into a standard format for the FAA’s review.

easy management

Tasks lists

Keep track of chapter specific tasks and status through the color-coding task manager. Assign tasks to specific team members and monitor their progress. 

Start improving your aircraft conformity process today!

NBAA New Guidelines on Electronic Recordkeeping