Bluetail Celebrates its First Anniversary with the Introduction of its Industry Leading Mach Search Capability

Based on the latest machine learning technology, Bluetail’s enterprise-level MACH Search delivers the easiest and most accurate way to ingest and search the digital records of an aircraft’s entire operational life.
May 25, 2021

Bluetail, Inc., announced that the company is celebrating its first anniversary with the introduction of its newest and most powerful digital records search and automation tool: MACH Search.

“A year ago, we marked the anniversary of Charles Lindbergh’s flight across the Atlantic by launching Bluetail. By making it easy and affordable to digitize aircraft records, we set out to revolutionize the way business and general aviation (B&GA), aircraft owner/operators organized, shared, and protected valuable records,” stated Bluetail Co-Founder Stuart Illian. “Today, I’m very happy to say that in the past 12-months, even with COVID restrictions, and other challenges, we’ve exceeded our original goals.”

“With the introduction of our revolutionary MACH Search capability, we are taking a major leap forward in bringing the most advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) machine-learning capabilities into the world of business and private aviation,” stated Bluetail Co-Founder Roberto Guerrieri. “Building on our cloud-native AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform, MACH Search enables true ‘rocket science’ level business process automation, sorting, storing, and searching. Bluetail’s MACH Search now makes record-keeping the easiest part of your aircraft operations.”

Guerrieri explained that MACH Search is the culmination of input from a long list of the company’s customer base, including Fortune 500 flight departments, Part 135 charter operators, individual owners, aircraft brokers, and flight schools.

“To ensure that MACH Search would be live upon launch for our customers, we ran their records in parallel to the technology’s development,” he added. “To date, we’ve run over 1,000,000 client records through the MACH machine learning code.”

About Bluetail MACH Search:

  • MACH Search combines document workflow with auto-OCR machine learning to streamline the ingestion, organization, and search of detailed aircraft operations and maintenance records.
  • MACH Search recognizes handwriting and lets you search by A&P signature or inspector sign-offs.
  • MACH Search lets you easily upload records from your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • MACH Search lets you search all of the digital records by numbers, text, or form.
  • MACH Search lets you save your search criteria as a new search profile.
  • MACH Search features are based on the most advanced enterprise security protocols.

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