Bluetail RecordSnap smartphone feature

Bluetail releases RecordSnap smartphone feature that streamlines aviation paper records to digital in one click

Bluetail RecordSnap makes it fast and easy for maintenance technicians to use their smartphone’s camera, without a new app, to scan, upload, and automatically store records in real-time.

Phoenix, AZ (May 2, 2022) Bluetail, the leading modern aircraft records platform for business aviation, announces the launch of its newest timesaving feature, Bluetail RecordSnapTM .

Bluetail RecordSnap allows aircraft maintenance personnel to take a photo of aircraft documents and automatically store and convert them to a searchable PDF in Bluetail’s secure platform directly from their iOSTM or AndroidTM smartphone.

“The idea behind Bluetail’s aircraft records digitization and cloud-storage capabilities is to save time on aircraft maintenance paperwork,” stated Greg Baynham, Bluetail’s Vice President of Applications and Delivery. “This new capability is the next step in that process. Now, instead of taking the maintenance records to a scanner and then sending those files to us, the A&P or any maintenance stakeholder can take a photo of the entry with their smartphone and immediately upload it to their secure Bluetail account.”

“While this capability certainly saves time when the aircraft is undergoing maintenance or repairs at its normal facility, its benefits are even more evident when performing maintenance in an “AOG” scenario,” he added. “Since the digitized file is uploaded immediately, there is no chance of losing the information in transit. Once it’s in the Bluetail cloud, it’s totally secure, searchable, and shareable with anyone.”

“We are extremely proud of the great advancements we’ve introduced for our Bluetail customers over the past 12-months,” Bluetail co-founder and CEO Roberto Guerrieri said. “Every monthly upgrade and new capability we introduce is just another part of our ongoing investment in making our application the most capable in the business and general aviation industry.”

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