Aircraft Brokerage And Acquisition Assistance

Aircraft Brokerage And Acquisition Assistance


Easily connect with more aircraft buyers and sellers.

Reviewing aircraft paper logbooks and related records is a terrible tedious process which can bog down the aircraft acquisition process. Bluetail helps remove some of the sales friction with our aircraft brokerage assistance service. Features include: smart scanning and search, visual back-to-birth timelines, and secure sharing. All of this makes the aircraft acquisition process smoother for aircraft buyers and sellers.

Minimize aircraft buyer problems during pre-buy.

Aircraft buyers may often travel great distances to review aircraft logbooks and other records that are not in digital format. This process is terribly inefficient as it constrains the buyer pool. Also, paper records, especially for older aircraft, are often unorganized. Aircraft buyers can thus miss key bits of information only to have it revealed during the pre-buy. The end result of all this? The aircraft may take longer to sell and for less money. The aircraft buyer and seller experience may also be less than optimal.

Organize and transfer records quickly and accurately.

With the Bluetail aircraft broker solution, we provide a more efficient and better better way of organizing, sharing and finding key aircraft data, so any stakeholder in the sales transaction now has immediate and simultaneous access to critical aircraft records. This helps ensure a more informed evaluation and purchase decision. Simply put, our aircraft brokerage assistance ultimately helps sell the aircraft quicker for the best possible price with minimal “friction” during and after the sale. With the aircraft sales market being so competitive right now, aircraft sellers and their brokers will love the power and differentiation afforded by Bluetail.


Don’t let selling your aircraft be slowed down by archaic record keeping methods.

Never lose or damage important documents (i.e logbooks) that can devalue your aircraft by up to 25%. Bluetail is your fast search central hub for all of your logbooks, supplemental manuals, FAA forms, photos, ownership documents, etc.  FAA-required logbooks can also be printed with one click in the order you require.

See how our Timeline pieces your aircraft life together.

Our automation tool ingests all your important aviation events then builds a “clickable” timeline of the life of your plane. From manufacturing date to airworthiness directive dates to inspections deadlines. You can even manually add your own events to help facilitate an aircraft sale.

aircraft-records transfer

Simplify the transfer of records for an aircraft sale.

Utilize four advanced roles and permissions for your entire team: Administrators (owners/managers), Buyers (only view Logbooks), Contributors (maintenance/pilots) and Guests (partners). Each assigned role comes with its own unique set of capabilities for you to assign to your respective stakeholders.

Centralize your records in Bluetail.

JSSI Traxxall now integrates with Bluetail