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The growing prominence of crowdsourcing reflects how effective it is at aligning services with customer needs. Whether you’re ordering an Uber, or contributing to Wikipedia, we all now benefit from the “crowd economy” in one way or another. 

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    How does crowdsourcing work at Bluetail?

    • SIGN UP – You can profit from the power of Bluetail’s growing nationwide customer base by being a registered independent contractor on our platform. If you can dedicate a few days/month, sign up now.
    • PASS A QUALIFICATION TEST – Our digital operations team will send you our qualification requirements, based on digital scanning and aviation records knowledge, and a form to complete. Once reviewed and accepted, you’ll need to sign the contractor agreement and then you will be placed into our community. Training will be scheduled either onsite or virtual.
    • PROJECT ASSIGNMENT – When onsite scanning projects are scheduled for our customers by Bluetail, our team will contact you and assign the job and location.
    • JOB COMPLETION – Once the job is completed and you have successfully uploaded the files, you will be paid in full within 15 days.

    Not sure where to start? Book a demo to get a product walkthrough of Bluetail with one of our experts.

    JSSI Traxxall now integrates with Bluetail