Mente Group talks ROI for Modern Records Platform

Who doesn’t want a positive ROI coming from the tools and software their company uses? We’re willing to bet this is probably the case no matter what industry someone is in. 

But in the world of business aviation, we know this can be an even more important factor — especially when it comes to aviation maintenance. 🛠️

Not too long ago, Mente Group did some customer research to dig into the real benefits of modern information management solutions. 

👀 Here’s a sneak peek at what they found.

The solutions typically help companies to:

  • Enjoy more uptime
  • Cut costs significantly
  • Streamline operations for increased efficiency
  • Reduce environmental impact 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! 

Want to learn more?  

👉Take a look at the full whitepaper to uncover all the deets! 


Modern MRO IT systems take to the cloud

Imagine being in an AOG situation (never an ideal scenario) and needing to get an aircraft back in service ASAP. Can we say “nightmare?” 😳

Before the advent of technology, it was commonplace that MROs used paper (So. Much. Paper.) to identify each task that they accomplished, who performed it, and when.

But times… they are a-changin’! 

Digital, cloud-based MRO systems are beginning to be recognized as the new industry standard across the board. And Aviation Maintenance Magazine wrote an amazing article on how powerful they actually are. 

👉Curious how these systems can apply to your aircraft records specifically? Well, we jussst might know the place to get more info. 🙃 

In the meantime, check out AMM’s full article below.


Predicitive maintenance is making an impact

Ever wish you were Nostradamus and could foresee the future of aviation? 🔮

We know – most of us don’t have that luxury. But there’s something just as exciting that could probably get you pretty close: predictive maintenance.

Predictive maintenance creates a world where you can anticipate aircraft component and system failures, improve readiness and safety, and avoid pesky, unexpected issues. And yes, on a consistent basis. 

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. 

But here’s the catch: to fully embrace this future, we need to change how we approach maintenance as an industry. That means collaboration and data sharing will be key. 🔑

So how is Predictive Maintenance changing the world of aviation?


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