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The DOM's guide to identifying gaps in 2024

DOM Guide

Even though 2023 seemed to fly by (for us, at least), the benefit of a new year means some brand new opportunities to level things up for DOMs and their maintenance crews.

Do you know the gaps in your team? Because there’s no better time than the present to ID them, unlock your team’s potential, and get rocking on an even more productive year than you thought possible.

So where do you start? Simple – level up your team’s processes and make sure your working environment is laser-focused on excellence. How?

👉 Take a look at our “5 things DOMs should be doing in 2024 (but probably aren’t)”


Here's how to start going digital

Tired of digging through boxes of never ending papers? 📦

Yeah, we remember the feeling. 

We know you might love your paper cuts (hey, they’re kind of like a badge of honor) — but there are some serious benefits to going digital. And more and more maintenance teams are beginning to agree. 👍

A few reasons people are taking the leap? 

  • Speed – Finding any of your digital records in a few clicks? Yes please! 
  • Efficiency – Scanning and uploading digital documents ensures that your records are safe, secure, stored, and easily searchable. No wasted time hunting through hundreds of binders. 
  • Accessibility – Need to find a record on the weekend… from a different country? If your records are digital, it’s easy peasy. 
  • And more! 

So what are the first steps you can take to begin prepping for your own mini digital revolution?

  1. Round up your records and documents
    You’ll need to round up all your binders, records, and logbooks to get them all in one spot. 

  2. Find someone to scan your records
    You’ll want to start the hunt for a reputable scanner (aircraft records software companies often do this, too) that can scan all of those records for you, page by page. 

  3. Figure out organization and access
    Pick out a FAA-compliant, cloud-based software solution to keep all of your freshly scanned aircraft records organized and easily accessible.

We do know of a company *ahem* that happens to do all three of the above (insert shameless Bluetail plug here).

Want to learn more about why ditching paper is the way to go? 📜

You can check out our blog on the perks of embracing going digital.(🔍 Hint: it goes beyond the aircraft records themselves). 


In case you missed it

Keeping it supersonic.
NASA and Lockheed Martin have unveiled the X-59 experimental aircraft, and are on a mission to revolutionize air travel with quieter supersonic flight.

Making big moves.
Volato keeps on growing, and increased its HondaJet fleet size by 50% last December. 

Engines are stalling.
High demand & supply chain issues. What’s causing turmoil in the engine leasing market? 

Someone say QA? 
Quality assurance impacts MROs in more ways than one. Here’s what industry experts have to say. 

In the Army now. 
The US Army is creating a new spy plane prototype. And Bombardier won the contract to make it. 

JSSI Traxxall now integrates with Bluetail