Bluetail is modernizing aircraft records on its comprehensive, best-in-class platform


Digitize, organize and MACH Search all of your paper aircraft records on the cloud-based Bluetail platform at your fingertips, accessible anywhere from any device.

Remain FAA compliant with the Bluetail app which adheres to FAA Advisory Circular AC 120-78A and ensures you’re prepared for any audit, inspection.


Create a visual timeline of each aircraft’s history, which provides complete information in one view and is helpful for prospective buyers in the event of an aircraft sale.

Collaborate and share aircraft documents with team members, future buyers, and other key stakeholders.


Improve efficiency, compliance monitoring and aircraft safety with on-demand reports and analytics. See user activity, file storage, top search terms, and other key metrics and trends.

We take the work out of getting your aircraft records digital

Saving your maintenance team time and money

The first step of any inspection or maintenance task is searching through the aircraft’s paper logbooks to verify what has been done before. In fact, it’s estimated that the typical technician spends four hours going through records prior to every maintenance task. That’s time that they could be spending doing the actual work.

Bluetail turns that wasted time into productive time. By having all of your aircraft’s operational and maintenance logbooks digitally searchable, a technician can go through that lifetime of logbook entries in mere minutes. So, they have more time to do what they do best.

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  • Password-protected, cloud-based records are searchable by anyone, anywhere in minutes.
  • Easily search by serial or part number, paint code, task, entry date, or a technician’s name.
  • Eliminate the risk of shipping valuable logbooks to remote locations.
  • Ensure that the aircraft is compliant with all current regulations and OEM-mandated maintenance practices.

Crush conformity and audit time

100% Safe. 100% Secure. 100% Accurate.

The lifespan of today’s private and business aircraft is going well beyond what any anticipated when it left the factory. That means there can be literally hundreds of paper logbooks covering that aircraft’s lifetime. And every page of every logbook is critical. If even one page goes missing, damaged, or altered in any way, everything from that date forward is in question. And recreating that information is extremely difficult and expensive.

Operators can’t afford to take that risk. Having all of your aircraft’s back-to-berth records digitized by Bluetail eliminates that problem forever. Everything is securely stored in the cloud; it’s virtually immortal. And, it’s one less thing you’ll ever have to worry about again.

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  • Digital logs let you search tens of thousands of entries in seconds.
  • Easily search by task, entry date, or a technician’s name.
  • Reduce maintenance time and costs.
  • Cloud-based digital documents cannot be altered, damaged, or stolen.

Speed up pre-buys with remote aircraft records reviews

Taking the trouble out of aircraft transactions

A big part of buying or selling any aircraft is a detailed review of all of an aircraft’s operational and maintenance logbook. And it’s often one of the most tedious and time-consuming parts of the transaction. It can take hours, if not days, to painstakingly review page-after-page of handwritten information.

There is a much easier way. By having all of your aircraft’s logbooks digitized by Bluetail, everyone involved can log in and review the records easily, simultaneously, and securely. It saves time and greatly simplifies the sales process.

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  • Saves buyers, sellers, and brokers hours of time.
  • Improves the accuracy of searching for and verifying information.
  • Cloud-based records can’t be lost or damaged and are totally secure.
  • Ensures the aircraft is sold for the best price. Lost records can reduce value by up to 40%.

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