2.1 Million Series Raised A To Solve Paper-to-Digital Pains For Aircraft Records Management

SaaS Venture Capital firm, Brookstone Partners, backs industry-leading platform to modernize aircraft records management for business and general aviation aircraft.

Bluetail, announced today that the company had recently closed over $2.1M in Series A investment. The successful Venture Capital funding effort was led by Brookstone Venture Capital (formerly Canal Partners), with offices in Arizona and New York.

With its rapid market acceptance of over $1B in aircraft value, Bluetail will now utilize these funds to introduce new products, integrations, grow the team and further enhance its industry-leading array of digital aircraft records scanning, storing, and searching.

“This successful venture capital effort is further proof in the ongoing value that Bluetail’s Software-with-a-Service (SwaS) will continue to deliver throughout all segments of private, business, and commercial aircraft and helicopter operations,” stated Roberto Guerrieri, Bluetail co-founder.

Stuart Illian, Bluetail’s other co-founder added, “We’ve made amazing progress in the 14 months since we started. This funding will enable us to continue that growth with an array of game-changing new product features, partner integrations, and best-in-class services.”

“The recent explosive growth of private and business aviation in the U.S. and around the world has had our attention for the past year,” stated Todd Belfer, managing partner at Brookstone. “Take that growth, and add the value benefits that Bluetail’s platform brings to aircraft owners and operators, and you can see why we are so confident that now is the right time to invest in the company and private aviation.”

About Brookstone Venture Capital

Brookstone, formerly Canal Partners, is a venture capital firm founded in 2008 in Scottsdale, Ariz. that provides strategic capital to highly scalable, growth-oriented companies with market-proven products and services. With extensive track records in launching and scaling multiple businesses, Brookstone aims to form true partnerships with each of our portfolio companies, providing not just the capital but the strategic guidance to empower early-stage companies to reach the next level of growth. For more information, visit Brookstone Venture Capital.

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