Onboarding to Bluetail and Traxxall now included as part of the program’s service offering

Scottsdale, AZ (June 11, 2024) — Bluetail, the leading modern aircraft records platform, is now accessible as part of Million Air Dallas’s new maintenance management program

The program, which launched in mid-May, was created to provide a fully managed option when it comes to fleet maintenance and event oversight. The program gives 24/7/365 access to a designated Maintenance Control team, complete maintenance planning and budgeting, and program management for warranties and parts. 

Even more, the offering gives access to a designated quality team that will ensure maintenance tracking needs are being met through onboarding to Traxxall, and that all records are kept pristine in Bluetail’s fully digital system

“At Million Air Dallas, we always strive to be on the cutting edge of technology so that we can provide our customers with the very best available,” said Jay Helland, Vice President of Technical Operations at Million Air Dallas. “Creating our fully managed maintenance option, and including game-changers like Bluetail in the mix, was a natural fit. Including Bluetail as a part of that package will help to save our customers time and money, as well as keep their records safe and secure.”

With the proactive strategies, cost efficiencies, and compliance assurance that the maintenance management program offers, Bluetail’s innovative digital hub becomes a perfect complement. 

“Our goal is to ensure every aircraft around the globe has records that are safe, secure, and searchable,” said Stuart Illian, Chief Aviation Officer at Bluetail. “We’re thrilled to team with innovative partners like Million Air Dallas, helping to ensure their customers are armed with the technology they need to keep their tails protected and thriving.”

The customizable program is now available for fleets of all sizes.

For more information on the Million Air Dallas maintenance management program, visit:

JSSI Traxxall now integrates with Bluetail