Bluetail Digitizes Historical Aircraft Records

Aircraft Records
Digitized in the Cloud

The only way to have 100% of your records in one hub –  Starting at $3/day

Efficient — Connected — Secure

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    Digitized Logbooks

    Bluetail scans all paper records securing them safely in the cloud

    • Searchable–smart scanning of all records, including handwriting and signatures at MACH speed

    • Organized–create a visual timeline of each aircraft’s history

    • Shareable–secure sharing accessible anywhere from any device

    • Protected–safe, secure, and backed up with password protection

    • Compliant–AC120-78A & FAR 43.12

    • Affordable– three scanning options to get started (DIY, nationwide scanning centers, or onsite)

    Improve efficiency, compliance monitoring and aircraft safety

     Generate on-demand reports and analytics.

    See user activity, file storage, top search terms, and other key metrics and trends.

    Bluetail Platform Features

    JSSI Traxxall now integrates with Bluetail