See why jet owners and operators prefer Bluetail

See why smart flight departments, operators and aircraft owners choose Bluetail to future proof their aircraft


You deserve a better way to manage your aircraft records.

The competitors mentioned below range from old DOS-like file systems to expensive, over-architected systems. If you need an affordable,  feature-rich and user friendly records management platform, Bluetail will be a better fit for you and your aircraft team.

Why choose Bluetail over Vision Aircraft Records?

Bluetail is a true cloud-based app and run on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with modern user interfaces, visual back-to-birth timelines, sharing features and can be used on a mobile phone. 

No need to tag documents with Bluetail, just upload and search every word or number. 

(Vision Aircraft Records previously Vision Logbooks or Vlog)

Why choose Bluetail over Airvault?

Your team will never have to tag documents again, like in Airvault. With Bluetail, just upload and search for every word or number. Bluetail’s advanced cloud-based platform was designed to bring many of the great features that commercial aircraft systems have at a fraction of the cost and with easy-to-use interfaces for any jet owner or airline to use. 

Why choose Bluetail over Flydocs?

Bluetail’s platform was designed specifically for owners, operators, and flight departments from anywhere to transition from paper-based records to a digitized system. Bluetail’s user experience is second to none and we don’t pretend to be a maintenance tracking app.

Why choose Bluetail over doing nothing?

It is clear that not digitizing and backing up your paper records is a thing from the past. Bluetail customers have peace of mind knowing that records are safe and backed up and can be shared securely over the web to multiple buyers when selling your aircraft.

Why choose Bluetail over Provenair?

Bluetail offers an extensive platform that provides maintenance solutions for both business aviation and large airliners. Their expertise lies in managing all aspects of maintenance records, including airframes, landing gear, and more.

Why choose Bluetail over AviationManuals?

Bluetail was designed to assist aircraft owners, operators, and flight departments in effortlessly organizing, storing, and searching all their aircraft-related documents, records, and data, whether it pertains to a single aircraft or an entire fleet.

Why choose Bluetail over Business Aircraft Records?

Business Aircraft Records is an excellent educational resource, whereas Bluetail offers a comprehensive range of solutions for purchase, enabling businesses to streamline their operations and improve their efficiency. 

No button- 10 questions ask vendor

Get the Most Out of Your Aircraft Records Vendor

Understanding all the features and benefits available when you digitize your aircraft records is crucial. It’s not just about scanning the records and hoping for the best.  This blog offers 10 questions that will help you ensure that your valuable records are scanned and secured with the best platform for your aviation needs.

The top reasons why private and business aircraft owners use Bluetail vs the alternatives:



The Bluetail app was designed by former product experts from Apple and coded with the latest software technologies. Bluetail integrate with top 3 cloud-sharing apps with more integrations coming soon.


Best Value

More features,  unlimited users and storage, visual timelines, and invite as many maintenance, pilots or prospective buyers as you need. We charge only a fixed price per aircraft.


More Control

Bluetail is built for everyone associated with your aircraft. Add e-signatures, relate records to one another and rest easy that files can never be deleted or overwritten due to our file security technology.


Team Sharing

Records are more valuable when they can be shared. Share 8130s, work orders, or entire logbooks with private secure links. Plus your users can make comments on any records and be notified via the app. 

Centralize your records in Bluetail.

NBAA New Guidelines on Electronic Recordkeeping