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Cut costs & save 50%
on Mx research time

Gain 360° visibility with ALL records

Upload records from any device and search for any word, signature, part number, serial number, work orders, squawks, AD/SB applicability across one aircraft or the entire fleet.

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Why Choose Bluetail

  • Protect the value of your aircraft
  • Search for anything, anytime -from any device
  • Share informaiton securely with key stakeholders from anywhere
  • Gain 360° visibility
  • And so much more…

    We help flight departments, operators and aircraft owners protect their aircraft value while making all records searchable and sharable.

    Having all of that information digital, searchable and shareable, anywhere in the world by Bluetail will enable our mechanics to perform inspections and maintenance faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost.

    Charter Operator

    With Bluetail, no one can ever contest the validity or accuracy of my records. That’s a huge value-added proposition for me.


    Knowing I have ICA’s, AD’s, FAA Registration and other reference material at my fingertips from my iPad without having to go to my office and look through a binder is invaluable and amazing. Great job Bluetail team!

    Director of Maintenance

    You guys have truly built a great piece of software for corporate flight departments and individual operators, you even incorporated some of my ideas into the program which was great.

    Flight Department

    Prior to Bluetail, we would physically send all relevant records onboard the aircraft being inspected. As of late, we have not physically removed a single aircraft record from our facility thanks to Bluetail access.

    Director of Aviation
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    Transform your aircraft records – witness the incredible before and after

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    NBAA New Guidelines on Electronic Recordkeeping