Pilatus Aircraft Records
Digitized in the Cloud

Find out why more and more PC-12 and PC-24 owners and operators are choosing Bluetail.

Bluetail scans all paper records securing them safely in the cloud

  • Organized–create a visual timeline of each aircraft’s history
  • Searchable–smart scanning of all records, including handwriting and signatures
  • Shareable–secure sharing accessible anywhere from any device
  • Protected–safe, secure, and backed up with password protection
  • Compliant–AC120-78A & FAR 43.12
  • Affordable–only $3 per day and three scanning options to get started (DIY, nationwide scanning centers, or onsite)

Pilatus Owner and Bluetail Customer

“I’ve owned enough airplanes to know that the logbooks are a very significant part of its value. If they’re lost or damaged, you can replace them, but that can still lessen the perception as a whole in that aircraft’s history. Was that maintenance actually done? With Bluetail, no one can ever contest the validity or accuracy of my records.”

“On top of that, the ability for my MRO to quickly and accurately search through over 20-years-worth of maintenance information is another benefit. Not having to manually look through all those logs and files saves hours and hundreds of dollars when the airplane is in for maintenance.”

Bluetail Platform Features

Pay Monthly

Pay Yearly (Save 10%!)

Lifetime Support

Every license includes free software updates, unlimited eMail support, in-app guides, webinars, A&P’s on staff, and more.

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