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Chief pilot

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It wasn’t long ago when the “Chief Pilot” just flew the airplane. Not today. The growing need for efficiency means they’re now responsible for everything involved with the operation, maintenance, and regulatory compliance of the airplane.

And their workload is even greater in situations where your aircraft is operated on a Part 135 Certificate. Luckily the help they need – at least with regards to their aircraft’s records and documentation – is at their fingertips.

Bluetail RecordSnap smartphone feature
“My aircraft records are now fully digitized, organized, backed-up and in one place. I can use my iPad to easily add & review maintenance records, store ramp check papers and even add squawks from my iPhone.”
– Chief Pilot

With Bluetail, you can benefit by:

Instant access

Gain access to aircraft logs from the cockpit or home, ramp check documents and pilot records that can be quickly searched and viewed from anywhere worldwide

Easy collaboration

Enable any stakeholder, at no additional cost, to have secure access to logbooks or select records, set reminders and securely share aircraft documents.

Protecting logbooks

Bluetail is cloud-based so eliminate the risk of shipping valuable logbooks to remote locations for AOG repairs

Unmatched support

Free lifetime technical and email support, free upgrades and regular check-ins.

Start improving your aircraft records management today!

NBAA New Guidelines on Electronic Recordkeeping