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An aviation executive/DOA is ultimately responsible for every decision that is made within the flight department. They may have a clear vision of their digital needs, but not a clear path on how to get there.

Bluetail is the #1 software of choice that complements maintenance tracking for Part 91, Part 125, Part 135, and Part 145 owners and operators. Our unique platform delivers 100% digital back-to-birth records, lightning-fast search, and secure sharing.

“Bluetail powers the last mile of digitization in business aviation maintenance. Modern flight departments and operators are now 100% connected – from the front of the airplane to the back to everything on the ground and in the office.”
– Director of Aviation

With Bluetail, you can benefit by:

Focusing on revenue & reducing overall costs

Increase maintenance efficiency by reducing big chunks of research time on inspections, audits, conformities, and aircraft transactions.

360-degree operational visibility

One secure cloud-based hub to view the entire fleet’s back-to-birth records, and operational and pilot documents.

Developing a collaborative maintenance team

Enable employees and external stakeholders to securely share aircraft documents anytime, anywhere.


Back-to-birth aircraft records can’t be deleted or overwritten and are backed up nightly on multi-redundant sites.

Start improving your aircraft records management today!

JSSI Traxxall now integrates with Bluetail