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Owner Operator

Protect aircraft value and reduce maintenance costs

Trusted by owner operators

Over the years, aircraft owners have taken on many roles: chief pilot, director of maintenance, controller – pretty much whatever is necessary to keep the airplane flying.

Whether they DIY or have a team that supports their aircraft, doing more with less is the goal. That means they need tools that make them more efficient – tools like aircraft digital logbooks and records with remote, sharable, and secure access, while protecting value of their aircraft’s information.

“With Bluetail, no one can ever contest the validity or accuracy of my records. On top of that, my MRO can quickly search over 20 years of maintenance information, saving hours and hundreds of dollars.”
– Business Jet Owner

With Bluetail, you can benefit by:

Reducing overall costs

Find maintenance information in seconds, not hours, during inspections, audits, AOG scenarios, major repairs, and transactions.

360-degree visibility

One secure cloud-based hub is accessible from anywhere in the world to view entire aircraft’s back-to-birth records, along with operational and pilot documents.

Protecting resale value

All aircraft records are digitized and stored in the cloud, so there’s no chance of loss, theft, or damage.

Start improving your aircraft records management today!

NBAA New Guidelines on Electronic Recordkeeping