Owner Under Part 135

Owner - aircraft under management

Protect aircraft value and improve availability

Trusted by Part 135 operators and the owners

Two of the biggest reasons to put your private aircraft under a third-party management program is to eliminate the day-to-day details of ownership, while taking advantage of Part 135 charter opportunities.

Bluetail is the #1 software of choice of Part 135 operators that delivers 100% digital back-to-birth records, lightning-fast search, and secure sharing. Starting at $3/day, Bluetail is a wise investment that gives you digital access to your records no matter who is managing your aircraft.

“With Bluetail, no one can ever contest the validity or accuracy of my records. On top of that, my MRO can quickly search over 20 years of maintenance information, saving hours and hundreds of dollars.”
– Business Jet Owner

With Bluetail, you can benefit by:

Maximize aircraft availability

Reduce AOG time while increasing revenue by reducing big chunks of maintenance research time on inspections, audits, and conformities.

360-degree visibility

One secure cloud-based hub to view the entire fleet’s back-to-birth records, and operational and pilot documents.

Protecting resale value

Back-to-birth aircraft records can’t be deleted or overwritten and are backed up nightly on multi-redundant sites.

Start improving your aircraft records management today!

JSSI Traxxall now integrates with Bluetail