Bluetail Soars to New Heights

G’day Mates! We are thrilled to share a significant milestone as we expand our reach to Australia. We’re proud to welcome our new partner, Hopkins Aviation Services and international charter company Brenzil Jet Charter, who has joined the Bluetail Platform. Together, they will play pivotal roles in bringing our services and platform to this dynamic region.

Streamlining Global Business

“When we enrolled the Dassault Falcon 7X onto Bluetail, it was a 3-year-old aircraft. Having all the back-to-birth records, including all the critical new aircraft delivery information about this aircraft gives me peace of mind knowing we have everything available at any time and a simple keyword search provides instant access to all of that information,” shared Daniel Hopkins, the Director of Maintenance for Brenzil (AKA Maintenance Controller as they’re know in Australia). “The fact that roughly 79% of heavy maintenance servicing for non-U.S. based large business aircraft occurs in North America emphasizes the significant advantages for global operators to have information at their fingertips.” 

Easily Communicate with MROs

During a flight into Asia en route to the U.S, the Brenzil Operations team contacted the DOM requesting a technician to assist with a cabin connectivity issue upon arrival. The DOM found it invaluable to quickly locate the necessary wiring diagrams and related documents. He instantly shared them with a technician at the destination via a private link, providing the crucial information required to assist with troubleshooting the affected system.

Large files? No problem.  

On another occasion a large document including multiple photos and critical measurement data was shared with a Duncan Aviation and Dassault Falcon Jet for quoting upcoming scheduled maintenance. Some of these files needed were large images, and the ability to effortlessly share these large files across continents via a link proved far more efficient than traditional methods like email with file size limitations or scanning paper documents. This streamlined communication allowed them to discuss details over the phone while referencing the critical data for an accurate determination.

Being able to quickly share detailed data can be the first step in preventing an Aircraft on-ground (AOG) situation. Brenzil Jet Charter understands that time is of the essence in the global charter business and realized that Bluetail’s worldwide, secure data sharing abilities allow them to provide specific data with their global maintenance support network for a number of scenarios, real time maintenance assistance, maintenance planning or aiding in receiving more accurate and detailed quotations from MRO’s.

Australia has a great track record when it comes to innovation in aviation and we are excited to team up with the local pros who share our passion for helping operators cut down on maintenance time and costs. 

JSSI Traxxall now integrates with Bluetail