Want to pitch a panel for the next aviation conference? Here’s how we did it for NBAA Maintenance.

As a startup, we’re always on the lookout for exciting ways to stand out and help our current and future customers. This year, we decided to shake things up by hosting an educational panel at the NBAA Maintenance Conference, diving into how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to transform the future of maintenance. We wanted to spark a forward-thinking conversation that could highlight the future of our industry. But more, we wanted to bring together some awesome thought leaders who could have an amazing conversation about AI’s impact, and what it could actually mean down the line. 

Choosing the Perfect Topic

But we didn’t always know we were going to focus on AI. Initially, when it came to deciding on a topic for our panel, we knew we wanted it to be something highly relevant that would resonate across the aviation maintenance community. It needed to be a subject that encouraged open dialogue and addressed issues that affect everyone in the field. After brainstorming and evaluating trends, we landed on AI. After all, the technology is set to revolutionize maintenance operations, and we were excited to dive into how it will shape the industry. 

We were especially fortunate that our incredible CTO, Kent Pickard, could take the lead on this. With his extensive background in aviation and the ins and outs of technology, he was the perfect person to spearhead our efforts and guide the discussion. His expertise provided us with the confidence to explore this complex and impactful topic deeply.

The Challenge of Assembling the Perfect Panel

With our topic and leader in place, we turned our attention to assembling a stellar panel. The goal was to create a conversation that blended industry insights with cutting-edge technology perspectives. Here’s how it all came together:

Zeroing in on the Right Panelists

Identifying and securing the right panelists was a bit of a treasure hunt. We aimed for a mix of perspectives to ensure a rich and engaging discussion. On top of that, we knew we didn’t want to limit ourselves to just experts that were already going to be attending the show. Why? Because not only did that open up our potential pool of panelists, it also allowed us to select experts that weren’t necessarily part of one single industry (AKA the makings for a more engaging conversation). 

It definitely took a lot of effort to reach out to industry leaders who not only had the right expertise, but also had the bandwidth to participate. In the end, we were thrilled to secure three fantastic professionals: a Director of Maintenance from a Fortune 200 company, and the COO and VP of two well known aviation companies. Complementing them was an AI expert, who created and founded his own B2B company at the forefront of AI technology. 

Internal Coordination

Sorting out who would take the lead internally was another puzzle. Since everyone in our team had different industry connections, we needed clear communication and defined roles. After some back and forth, we appointed our amazing Marketing Manager as the point person. This decision really helped streamline our efforts and kept everything organized.

The High Points

Despite the hurdles, several things went spectacularly well, making our panel a big hit.

Easy Communication

One major win was the smooth communication among our team and with the panelists. Using collaboration tools and keeping in regular contact, we made sure everyone was on the same page. This seamless communication was key to coordinating our efforts and finalizing the panel details efficiently.

Advanced Planning

Planning ahead paid off big time. We submitted our idea early and, as soon as we found out we were selected, made sure that we made travel arrangements quickly. This helped us to dodge any last-minute chaos and let us focus on fine-tuning the panel discussion and avoiding logistical headaches.

A Knowledgeable Team

Our team’s expertise and different points of view really shined during the panel. Not only were the team experts in their fields, they were also great at engaging with the audience. They handled questions like pros, offering insightful answers that sparked lively discussions. Our AI expert, in particular, wowed the audience with real-world examples of the power of AI, highlighting its current uses and future possibilities.

Looking Ahead

Hosting our panel at the NBAA Maintenance Conference was a blast! 

As we move forward, we’re excited about exploring new ideas and forming partnerships that drive progress. We can’t wait for other panel opportunities ahead and look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and industry leadership.

All in all, our NBAA Maintenance Conference adventure was a big success, showing that with a bit of planning, clear communication, and a bold vision, even the most ambitious projects can take flight. As we navigate the evolving world of aviation maintenance, we’re more confident than ever in our ability to make a real impact.

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