Using Mx tracking + a digital records platform? If not, here’s why you should

In the world of business aviation, keeping track of an aircraft’s maintenance history, logbooks, and records can be a huge concern. After all, it’s incredibly important that owners, operators, and potential buyers all have these key pieces of information to ensure an aircraft’s value — and limit any documentation gaps in the future.  

But as technology gets more and more sophisticated, traditional paper-based record-keeping systems are going by the wayside. (See ya, boxes stacked on boxes!) 

And while it’s common for owners and operators to have invested in awesome maintenance tracking software (for example, think JSSI’s Traxxall), or digital aircraft records technology (shameless plug for Bluetail here), combining the two can be a serious game changer. 

Why? Because maintenance tracking software and digital records platforms, when combined, offer a solution that levels up documentation and searchability like never before. 


Combining maintenance tracking and digital records platforms automatically gives you access to complete, back-to-birth aircraft information in one centralized location. And it’s not rare to see both types of technologies partnering to create awesome experiences for customers. 

For example, Bluetail just collaborated with JSSI’s Traxxall to create an integration that gives Traxxall customers access to all of their aircraft records directly from the Traxxall platform, in just a few clicks. Oh, and to make things even cooler? That means all of those records are now searchable (including images!).

Prospective buyers (and sellers) can also benefit from a complete look at records and logbooks — giving them the opportunity to confidently assess an aircraft’s maintenance history during a sale, reducing the risk of unforeseen issues down the road.

The bottom line? A digital record platform can store, sort and secure all your historical records and logbooks — and maintenance tracking can offer a comprehensive look at all things parts and maintenance. Making the pair a powerful tool when it comes to holistically viewing aircraft records. 


The beauty of digital records platforms, along with maintenance tracking software, is in their flexibility and adaptability. These platforms are specifically created to cater to your specific needs, ensuring that you have the right tools at your disposal to streamline your operations and enhance overall efficiency.

For example, imagine having your records analyst upload your documents into your maintenance tracking software. Then, easily being able to push those over into your digital records platform so that all your back-to-birth records are safe, secure, and shareable — anytime, anywhere. 

The combination of the two technologies can even lead to a substantial boost in aircraft reliability and uptime. And who doesn’t want that? 


Aircraft management involves collaboration with a ton of different stakeholders — from maintenance teams to prospective buyers, often all over the globe. Having the ability to share your most important documents makes collaboration and transparency that much easier. 

Utilizing maintenance tracking software so your team can stay on top of and keep track of maintenance tasks for your aircraft is a must. And when combined with your other must-have — a digital records platform — you’ll supercharge your sharing capabilities. Not only by staying on top of those maintenance tasks, but by being able to easily share the records needed to actually complete those tasks at lightning speed. 

Whether it’s sharing all logbooks to a prospective buyer to review, or sharing airframe diagrams to a MRO, having the ability to have your maintenance tracking software and your digital records platform communicate not only saves time, it saves money. 

Embracing Mx tracking and digital records platforms is essential for aircraft operators and owners. The completeness, flexibility, and sharing capabilities offered by these platforms not only streamline operations, but also provide a competitive advantage in the market. Whether you are managing an aircraft’s maintenance records or preparing for a sale, investing in these modern solutions is a step towards improved efficiency, compliance, and safety.

JSSI Traxxall now integrates with Bluetail