Safeguarding Aircraft Records with Unrivaled Security

Many owners and operators still keep their important logbooks and maintenance records in a locked fire safe, or worse, banker’s boxes or file cabinets. As we’ve discussed many times, those options are not secure or foolproof and can be subject to water damage or other catastrophes.  Those who have chosen to have their records digitized and secured in the cloud require a different level of protection and one which is woven into our core commitment to providing the best compliance and security protocols possible.

Our customers have entrusted us with over $3 billion in asset value with millions of aircraft records stored within the Bluetail Platform. This is an honor and one we take extremely seriously.  

Our enterprise-grade security sets an unrivaled standard that surpasses our competitors in the industry, including:

  • Customer Data Protection
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Application Protection
  • Compliance & Privacy
  • Org Security
  • Account Protection

We recognize the vital role security plays in our success. Our impressive customer portfolio of Fortune 500 companies demands the highest level of security for their aircraft records, and we continue to widen the gap in our security leadership, establishing a significant advantage over our competitors. Our team constantly evaluates potential risks and remains up-to-date with industry standards to guarantee the utmost level of protection.” –Greg Baynham, VP of Engineering & Delivery, Bluetail, Inc.

Bluetail’s 5 Certifications & Compliance Protocols:

SOC 2 (Type 1) – System and Organization Controls
Framework for auditing and reporting on the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy (Read our press release about our recent compliance)

AC120-78A & FAR 43.12 – Advisory Circular & Falsification, Alteration, Reproduction
Acceptance and use of electronic signatures, electronic record-keeping systems, and electronic manuals

PIPEDA – The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act
Canadian federal law governing the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information by private-sector organizations

CCPA – California Consumer Protection Act
Guidelines for privacy rights and consumer protection for California Residents

PCI COMPLIANT – Payment Card Industry
Industry-standard – Our payment processor, Recurly, encrypts & stores credit card 

Our Commitment to Our Customers

Safeguarding the valuable assets of our customers and prospects guides the foundational principle of everything we do. We want to assure all our clients that we will continue to make every effort to keep their data as secure as possible.

To learn how the Bluetail Platform makes digitizing your aircraft records easy and worry-free while ensuring that all of your important information is safe and secure, sign-up for a demo and get all of your questions answered. Visit www. bluetail. aero/free-dem


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