holiday gift ideas for MX techs

Show Your Appreciation to Your Aviation Maintenance Tech with One of These Gift Ideas

I hope it’s not news to you that your aircraft’s mechanic spends a lot of time keeping your aircraft and its passengers safe. And more times than not, your favorite A&P only gets any attention when things go wrong. Well, that’s not right.

It’s become a Bluetail holiday tradition to provide you with the “Top 10 Gift Countdown.” A selection of great gifts will show them how much you appreciate their efforts all year long. And remember, it’s not the thought that counts; it’s the gift. So, make it something nice.

#10: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store gift card.

There’s no better way to get your favorite technician off to a flying start to this year’s competitive eating season, and without having to cook, than with a gift card from Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. Get them here

#9: The 100 Funniest Aviation Jokes and Puns Book.

Aircraft maintenance is an extremely serious profession, but every A&P needs a break now and then. The 100 Funniest Aviation Jokes and Puns Book is packed with the funnier side of our business. Get them here:

#8: Subscriptions to business aviation publications.

No one knows how fast things change in business aviation better than an A&P. In fact, it’s never been more critical for technicians to stay on top of things. Subscriptions (many of which are free) will help ensure your team doesn’t miss any important news. Click the publication and sign-up for a subscription.

Aviation International News

Aviation Maintenance

DOM Magazine 

Flying Magazine

Helicopter Maintenance

Professional Pilot

Twin and Turbine

#7: UVBrite Self-cleaning water bottle.

Aircraft maintenance is a thirsty and dirty business, and it’s essential to keep your aircraft technician well-hydrated with clean, pure water. The UVBrite self-cleaning water bottle uses the same UV-C light technology found in hospitals, dental offices, and even the International Space Station to make any drinking water source clean and safe. Get them here.

#6: Grainger cut-ban protection sleeves.

Your technician puts a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into their work. Grainger’s cut-ban protection sleeves will help reduce the amount of blood. Available in a variety of materials, they protect arms and wrists to eliminate a lot of common injuries that occur during routine inspections and maintenance tasks. Get them here.

#5: SuperGloves LED Flashlight Gloves.

How cool is this? The SuperGloves LED Flashlight Gloves feature built-in high-intensity LED lights to put the light you need exactly where you need it – at your fingertips. No more fumbling with flashlights in tight spaces. Get them here.

#4: Tile Pro personal device tracker.

We’ve all experienced that momentary heart skip when we realize we’ve misplaced our car keys, phone, tablet, tools, wallet, or whatever. With Tile Pro compact tracking devices and the free tracking app, that will never be a problem again. Get them here.

#3: Toolbox full of cookies and chocolate tools.

Here’s the perfect gift for the A&P who “loves, breaths, and eats” their work. A diecast aluminum rolling tool cabinet filled with two pounds of individually wrapped cookies and delicious milk, white, and dark chocolate tools. Find them here.

#2: Fluke Multimeter with “Fluke Connect.”

Aircraft technicians need a digital multimeter they can trust to deliver the right information every time. There’s nothing better than Fluke. The aviation industry’s most trusted multimeter now offers an added advantage called “Fluke Connect, which automatically uploads and stores all tests and readings in the cloud! Get them here.

#1: Make your technician’s job easier by digitizing all the maintenance records.

Do you know how many hours your A&P wastes searching through countless pages of aircraft logs every time they have to do an inspection or maintenance? Way, way too many. Having all those logbooks digitally scanned and stored by Bluetail makes the project quick and easy.

No more box diving or leafing through countless logbook pages – just grab your favorite connected device, enter the information in the search window, and Bluetail finds and delivers the information in seconds.

Now your A&P actually has time to relax, read a magazine, or actually go out to lunch.

To learn how Bluetail can digitize, streamline, and protect your aircraft’s documents, Visit us here.

Well, there you have our Top 10 gift choices for 2022. Of course, there are countless more ways to show your aircraft’s maintenance team how much you appreciate all of their efforts throughout the year.

So, next time you’re getting ready for a trip, take a minute to thank them personally for what they do all year long. That may turn out to be the greatest gift of all.

Merry Christmas to all, and all a good flight.

NBAA New Guidelines on Electronic Recordkeeping