Everything’s bigger in Texas. Especially the top learnings from the NBAA Maintenance Conference.

Maintenance Operators came to the NBAA Maintenance Conference in San Antonio looking for every tip, insight, and new idea that could help them do their jobs better, faster, and more efficiently. One of the hot topics on the show floor was the increasing trend amongst corporate, Part 135, and private aircraft owners to digitize their current paper operational documents and logbooks.

So, it makes sense there was such a great turnout for our breakout session  titled “The Value of Your Aircraft Records,” hosted by Bluetail’s VP, Customer Success, Roy Gioconda, which included a distinguished panel of business aviation experts, including:

Lee Brewster, VP, Thoroughbred Aviation

Dan Edwards, Chief of Aircraft Maintenance, International Paper

Jim Elston, Senior Director of Aviation, Coca-Cola Consolidated

Matt McGinn, Bombardier Services Sales Representative, Duncan Aviation

More than 175 A&Ps, DOMs, Chief Pilots, aircraft owners, and others attended the session to learn aircraft records best practices.

Here are some of the session’s key takeaways

Not all digital files are equal.
Those who have scanned some records and then ‘saved’ the files to anything from thumb drives, SharePoint, Google Drive, or DropBox quickly learned that they only accomplished half of the goal. The files were now digital, but they could not search or share any digitized files. If they tried, control and security would be at risk.

Paper still matters, but it’s not efficient.
The industry and the FAA still expect paper for various transactions, documenting maintenance, and demonstrating airworthiness. Everyone agreed this would change as the accepted method evolves.

Operators don’t have time to digitize records themselves
It takes considerable time to manually scan and store years’ worth of aircraft documentation. Today’s busy operators just don’t have the time or extra technicians to accomplish this task.

Everyone needs to digitize their records.
The panel and attendees concluded that the efficiency, sharability, and protection of digitizing aircraft records would benefit their operations today and help maximize their aircraft’s value at sale time.

Bluetail’s Platform takes all the work and worries from digitizing and securely storing all of your valuable records and documents.

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