Digital Aircraft Logbooks That Are Visual, Searchable, and Powerful


Reliable, compliant
digital logbooks
with no hassle.

Bluetail takes the complexity out of aircraft records management. We help pilots, aircraft maintenance technicians and other support personnel to easily find critically important aircraft logbook entries and related documents in one single FAA records management digital location.  You’ll also be able to quickly and easily organize, search, share, update, record and print all of the most important information for your aircraft or fleet— from anywhere.

Digital logbooks eliminate risks.

The loss of FAA-mandated aircraft logbooks can reduce the value of an aircraft by up to 25% or greater. This leads many aircraft owners and operators to store their logbooks and other important records in a fireproof safe (or worse!), only accessing them as needed. This process can be inefficient, time consuming, and can leave owners vulnerable simply due to potential document loss or damage.

Digital records: One source of truth.

Digital logbooks are the easiest and safest solutions for owners and operators to store all of their logbooks and records ensure that aircraft data is never lost or damaged. Secure data backup and cloud storage ensure that aircraft documents are safely stored, traceable and easily accessible on-demand. Quickly and easily build, categorize and access logbooks, ATA codes, aircraft timelines, manuals, legal documents and photos.

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Digital logbooks
make organization easy and searchable.

Build your “Digital Hangar” from 1 to 100+ aircraft and manage all of your aircraft digital logbooks, supplemental manuals, FAA forms, photos, ownership documents, etc. Bluetail is a single, central hub that automatically sorts by file type, keywords, date and tags for fast and easy recall. FAA-required logbooks and any supporting documentation can also be printed with one click in the order you require.

Eliminate paper aircraft records – Smart scan instead.

We will digitize, OCR, tag and organize all of your paper aircraft records using a process that is easy, fast and, most importantly, safe and secure. We offer various scanning options to suit your needs:  DIY and upload, Safe Ship ($100K insurance policy) and scanning on-site (contact us for details). Scanning includes, but not limited to: logbooks (airframe, engines, APU, props, etc.), supplementary manuals, maintenance records, FAA forms (337, 8130-3, etc.), MMEL and various legal documents.


Safe, secure and backed up.

Rest easy knowing your records are securely stored in the cloud, so you can access them anytime, anywhere, and from any device. And with nightly backups through the Amazon Web Services, you know your data is being protected by one of the biggest names in technology.

“You guys have truly built a great piece of software for corporate flight departments and individual operators, you even incorporated some of my ideas into the program which was great. Uploading and sharing of the aircraft records is very simple and easy! Thanks guys, look forward to using this program even more!."
S. McDuffy
DOM, Corporate Flight Dept.

JSSI Traxxall now integrates with Bluetail