Mach Automation Introduced With Upgrades To Its Mach Search Engine

Business Process Automation and MACH Search enhancements will enable business and private aircraft owners and operators to onboard aircraft maintenance records in minutes and find important data contained in thousands of records in seconds.

Bluetail announced two significant capability upgrades to its aviation industry-leading aircraft records digitization platform.

“As our customer base continues to expand, we are always asking maintenance personnel about what our software can do to make their jobs easier,” explained Bluetail Co-Founder Stuart Illian. “Many said that they still spend way too much time organizing and researching their aircraft records, both paper and digital.”

“When records scanning is also involved, it can take up to six weeks to digitize and organize all records required for events such as conformity inspections, audits, and an aircraft sale,” he added. “We are looking to crush that timeframe while also providing much more utility in the process.”

“Our engineering and product team conducted several months of discovery around the latest in Business Process Automation (BPA) processes using A.I. and machine learning,” Illian continued. “The result is our new MACH Automation module, which can easily and quickly recognize FAA forms (8130-3, 337, etc.), as well as an ever-expanding list of the broad range of aircraft maintenance-related forms. It then automatically organizes and indexes all of that information into filters and views to include inclusion in Bluetail’s revolutionary aircraft back-to-birth aircraft timeline.”

Bluetail’s MACH Search gets even faster.

In addition to MACH Automation, Bluetail also announced that it had upgraded the foundation of its MACH Search engines performance through refinements of the architecture, including improvements to the database, front-end, algorithms, and records rendering.

“Building on our cloud-native, modern platform, MACH Search provides the latest in digital data automation, sorting, storing, and searching. MACH Search now makes researching any aircraft record a much more efficient task for any aircraft owner or operator. Our customers confirm every day that we are solving very real-world challenges.”

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