Jetcraft Partners With Bluetail To Streamline Aircraft Transactions

Jetcraft Partners with Bluetail to Protect Aircraft Valuation Jetcraft is the first business aviation specialist to help purchasers protect their customers' aircraft value by digitally scanning and storing valuable logbooks and records through Bluetail's advanced cloud-based platform. Phoenix, AZ (May 30, 2023) — Bluetail, the leading modern aircraft records platform for business aviation, has announced…
MACH 2 Search, 10 times faster

Bluetail Introduces MACH 2 Search

BLUETAIL INTRODUCES MACH 2 SEARCH THE FASTEST AIRCRAFT RECORDS SEARCH ENGINE Bluetail’s enterprise-level, second-generation MACH 2 Search includes optimized queries, machine learning algorithms and auto-filters that makes finding complex answers to maintenance questions 10 times faster and easier*. Phoenix, AZ (April 27, 2023)  — Bluetail, the leading Software as a Service (SaaS) aircraft records platform…
Will the Bizjet Bubble Burst?

Will the Bizjet Bubble Burst?

Introducing an "airbag" for your aircraft's value I was reading a story on AINonline recently that stated that “newly released analysis from Ascend by Cirium showed that market values for many business jets had increased perhaps unsustainably during the post-pandemic period on a constant age basis (comparing the same age of aircraft over time).”How “unsustainably,”…

Wheels Up Partners with Bluetail