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From aircraft owners to operators all around the world rely on Bluetail to manage their important aircraft records for events like aircraft sales, maintenance events, compliance monitoring, audits and pre-flight reviews.


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Aircraft records


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Asset value


Aircraft records


OEMs represented


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Our Manifesto

Are mission is to become the #1 digital asset management platform for business aviation in the world. We believe to accomplish that mission the people we surround ourselves with should strive and support our manifesto — the five key tenets that make up who we are, what we believe, that guides what we do.


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Our Story...begins at Apple

Roberto and Stuart met at Apple in Silicon Valley, but it took relocating to the Valley of Sun to recognize that the current solutions in business aviation were lacking in technology, including aircraft records management. 
Bluetail launched in May, 2020— with an amazing team from diverse backgrounds, all with a mission to digitally transform the maintenance information management world.

Bluetail Leadership

Founders Stuart Illian and Roberto Guerrieri set out to build a company that would modernize the world of aircraft records. Bluetail’s visionary leadership team brings a wealth of aviation and SaaS expertise to the table. We are committed to listening to our customers, fostering innovation, and delivering “WOW” experiences. 


Customer ROI from using Bluetail

Explore what ROI your peers, from owner/operators to corporate flight departments to charter operators, have garnered with Bluetail.

"By eliminating the reliance on physical documents, Bluetail’s platform virtually eliminates the chance of any aircraft devaluation due to lost or incomplete logbooks.”
Chief Inspector

10% prevention of loss in aircraft value

Bluetail comprehensive cloud-based maintenance records platform – which includes MX-tracking integration – provides a complete (back-to-birth), secure and legal (AC 120-78A compliant) digital asset management system.


50% reduction in research time for maintenance events

Bluetail’s MX records optimization technology, which includes MACH search, auto OCR and auto forms recognition, has been proven to reduce records research time up to 50%. Additional savings include travel and shipping-related expenses which support sustainability.

“By making an aircraft’s back-to-birth maintenance records instantly searchable and shareable, Bluetail enables MROs to provide faster and more accurate project quotes.”
Director of Maintenance
“Manually searching paper records is time-consuming. With Bluetail our team no longer types keywords to make searching possible --saves us money with lower headcount."
Maintenance Manager

100% elimination in data entry for search

Bluetail’s platform utilizes machine learning that has been proven to reduce manual indexing time by up to 100%. The system automatically turns every record, form, word, and character into structured data, this offering even greater benefits associated with manual indexing.


50% decrease in conformity research time

Bluetail’s revolutionary MACH Conformity module has been shown to reduce aircraft conformity time by up to 50%, thus significantly reducing costs and allowing for optimum revenue when the aircraft is being used for charter.

“Bluetail automates many of the FAA’s current Part 135 conformity processes, reducing the time and cost of placing a new aircraft on a charter certificate."
Conformity Manager
“Eliminating the added cost and space required to store and secure paper records, is another digital benefit to owners wanting to minimize their flight department’s impact.”
Director Aviation

$7K annual savings on carbon footprint

Adopting Bluetail’s digital maintenance platform and eliminating physical records (and their related storage) provides immediate improvement in Scope 2 emissions.

Bluetail Leadership Team

Roberto Guerrieri

CEO & Co-Founder

Stuart Illian

CRO & Co-Founder

Roy Gioconda

Product & Solutions

Greg Baynham

Application & Delivery

Shelly Fendly

Customer Success

Sam Celaya

Business Development

Rhiannon Silvashy


Jake Nero


Nicole Shevlin 


Kavita Patel


Basil Alkuyam




Aviation-based roles

Admin Management

Easily manage users from your team, MROs, owners, buyers and even your FSDO.

Built on a foundation of trust

Security & Compliance

Trust Bluetail to safeguard aircraft records data and meet your compliance requirements.

Single source of truth


No more “box diving” with paper records to find something. Your Bluetail registry is a single source of truth for one aircraft or a fleet that includes FAA form auto-tagging. With a unified, organized registry (logbooks and folders), everyone always knows where to find the information they need, when they need it.

mach2 search screen bluetail
A.I. driven tagging

MACH 2 search

MACH 2 Search helps you save hours and days from the old way of sifting through paper. Get the right answers to stakeholders, shorten records research time before starting work and crush aircraft conformity process time.

securely share and retain control

Collaborate and share

Easily share records or logbooks to pilots, MROs, owners and collaborators with secure sharing links. You retain control and oversight, while ensuring everyone has on-demand access to the information they need.