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Aircraft Records – Analog to Digital in 5 Easy Steps

Thank you to each and every one of you who take the time to read and then comment on our blogs – both of you. No, just kidding. We actually get a very good response to our blogs and, again, our thanks to you all.

While questions and comments run the gamut of subjects, by far the number one question we receive – especially concerning our recent series introducing our MACH Conformity Module – here’s a link if you missed it read about it here – has been, “How do I get my aircraft’s records on Bluetail?”

From its very inception, our development team has worked hard to create a package that is highly flexible so it can easily meet the specific needs of each aircraft owner/operator.

That means there are a lot of ways to achieve the same end. Namely, having all of your aircraft’s valuable operational and maintenance records digitally uploaded, searchable, sharable, and secure in Bluetail’s advanced cloud-based platform.

But, to keep this blog under 10,000 words, let’s stick with a basic example of how it all works if you are still using all-paper logbooks and supporting documentation.

Step 1–Sign-up with Bluetail:

The first step is to sign up for a Bluetail subscription. You can do that directly on our website at www.bluetail.aero, or you can contact one of our Bluetail consultants. I recommend talking to one of the consultants simply because they can help you create a customized Bluetail end-to-end solution for your exact situation.

Step 2–Get Scanned:

Your paper logbooks, forms, STCs, etc., need to be digitally scanned. Now, you can certainly do that yourself – and no doubt, many of you have already started down that digital trail. Either way, your Bluetail consultant will provide precise directions on what to scan and how to inventory, prepare, organize, upload, and store individual digital files.

Scanning Options:

If you’re as busy as most of our other clients – DIY digitization is very labor intensive – therefore, we have options to make it easy and save you time. You can opt to have Bluetail or one of our authorized professional scanning partners take care of all that for you.

Local–You pack your records and drop them off at one of our 120+ established secure scanning facilities. We can also arrange a secure courier. All Bluetail centers follow the same physical security and best practices scanning protocol and are SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant.

Onsite–If you prefer to keep your documents from leaving your facility, we can send one of our trained Mobile Scanning Representatives (most of whom are FAA A&Ps) to do all the work in your hangar. The revolutionary new nationwide network was built using crowdsourcing of A&Ps and aviation professionals. Since 2022, four out of five customers have chosen to have their records scanned onsite.

Step 3–Upload of Digital Files & Quality Check:

Once your records are digitized, we perform a detailed quality review of your original paper logbooks and documents, including a detailed inventory of the paper documents against the digital files. The final step is to ensure that all documents are returned to you in their original condition.

When we have collected and verified that we have all your documents in digital form, we will organize and upload everything into your secure Bluetail application.

Step 4–”WOW” Customer Service:

Once that’s done, a Bluetail Success person will contact you for a quick review of how easily your aircraft’s records can now be accessed, searched, and shared with anyone, anywhere.

He or she will also demonstrate how easy it is to add new digital records to your Bluetail account, through the online application, with your phone or tablet via RecordSnap, or via email, should you want to forward digital files to your maintenance tracking service.

Step 5–Gain Peace of Mind:

Sit back and relax in the knowledge that your aircraft’s valuable documentation and records are now safe from any accidental damage or purposeful sabotage. It does happen.

That’s it – just five easy steps to go from the past to the future. Don’t you wish everything regarding managing your aircraft were that easy?

Sign-up today to get a personalized demo to learn all the benefits of digitization.

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