Bluetail plus Camp equals full visibility

Eliminate Manual Entry with Bluetail

When I worked for Apple, I learned that when you introduce a product that would disrupt the status quo (think iPhone and iPod), you will inevitably have to educate what you are doing repeatedly.

It’s mainly because people will hear or read about said product and immediately form a perception of how it will impact their lives in whatever fashion. People resist change.

Take Bluetail’s aircraft records online software and digitization services, for example. Since its introduction, hundreds of private, business, and commercial aircraft owners and operators have quickly seen the many benefits it brings to their operations. In under three years, our customer base has grown from zero to over $6 billion in aircraft assets.

Others – well, not so much. It’s not that they don’t appreciate what Bluetail’s cloud-based services provide; it’s more a case where they think what they already have will do the same thing. And by “what they have,” I’m speaking of the industry-standard Computerized Aircraft Maintenance Program, a.k.a. CAMP.

There’s nothing wrong with CAMP. You’d be hard-pressed to find a corporate aircraft operator who isn’t well familiar with the system’s many benefits.

It’s been around since the Gulfstream II was brand new. And now, with over 13,000-plus customers operating 230-plus models of aircraft and helicopters, it’s undoubtedly the largest independent provider of electronic aircraft record-keeping in the business.

 CAMP is a good product, like so many things, it can’t do everything. And one thing it doesn’t do is provide a service for scanning an aircraft’s paper records and logs and then making all FAA forms, signatures, numbers, and words searchable from anywhere in the world.

CAMP is good. CAMP + Bluetail is a lot better.

Don’t just take my word for it. Currently, over 80% of Bluetail’s customers are current CAMP users. Why? Well, they know how to make a good thing better:

  • Bluetail is the easy way to create “Back-to-Birth” records of your aircraft’s operational history.
  • Bluetail has over 120+ secure scanning locations and a fully operational and scalable onsite scanning network., so we make the “hard stuff” easy for operators worldwide.
  • Bluetail’s A.I. MACH search locates keywords, forms, and numbers from thousands of records, making it easy to organize your records based on your preferences or historical timelines. Watch the video to see it in action!
  • Bluetail enables unlimited users and data storage. Plus, it also offers features like audit trails, watermarks, E-signatures, easy record transfers, and easy record linking.
  • Bluetail is built for secure sharing, tracking, and tag searching. Plus, you can easily download and/or print complete logbooks.
  • Bluetail is the only digitization service provider offering an FAA Part 135 Conformity Module, which makes putting any aircraft on a charter certificate much more manageable.

So, what does all this mean to you? With Bluetail, it’s easy to complement your current CAMP account with advanced records-scanning, file sharing, and searching capabilities.

Bluetail not only simplifies your day-to-day record-keeping but by making your airplane or helicopter’s back-to-birth history instantly searchable and shareable, it adds to the aircraft’s value at resale time.

To learn more about how Bluetail can improve your current CAMP account, please download our complimentary guide.

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