Bluetail® MACH 2 Search

The fastest search for your aircraft records in business aviation

Discover the remarkable efficiency of MACH 2 Search, revolutionizing the way you navigate through all logbooks and records. 

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Be in the know

Find work orders, forms, parts to serial numbers

MACH 2 helps you save hours and days from the old way of sifting through paper. Get the right answers to stakeholders, crush aircraft conformity process time and shorten records research time before starting work.

Say goodbye to OCR

MACH 2 automatically makes your records text-searchable

MACH 2 uses aviation-specific machine learning technology, so when you upload a record from your phone, computer or tablet, to Bluetail it will be fully text and form searchable, no matter the file size.


Even recognizes handwriting – UNLESS YOU ARE A DOCTOR

Find signatures or handwritten notes

Bluetail rightly notes that many documents, like logbook entries and work cards, contain a combination of handwritten and printed text. Search for signatures of A&P’s and Inspector sign-offs.

Read how MACH 2 Search can save 50% time on MX research

Explore fast and deep

Find records faster with MACH 2’s automated advance filters

Don’t know exactly what you need? Filter your records by registration number, logbooks/category, tag and ATA code. Quickly sort through your records using Boolean operators like AND, OR.

Take action with your search results

Perform common tasks such as sharing, printing and downloading

Choose what you want MACH 2 to do when you click on one or all the search results by selecting from a number of pre-defined bulk actions and make your search experience entirely yours – Email ICA’s to your MRO; print FAA Form 8130’s and download logbook entries.

Find thing fast in Bluetail.

NBAA New Guidelines on Electronic Recordkeeping